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At the Feet of The Mother

The Parable of the Search for the Soul (TH 059)

This talk is based on Savitri, Book seven, Canto II “The parable of the search for the soul”. Here Savitri is engulfed with the night of human ignorance and experiences grief as she confronts the dread of Death coming to take away her loved one. She is born to go through the dark night and fight and suffer for the earth and man. Her being shrinks from the ordeal initially and rejects the task as man does not care for light, does not fight with his own fate and chooses to be weak. But her soul knows why she has come to earth and it is well aware about the task. She is not an ordinary being who just becomes a victim of fate. She has come to accomplish the great task of liberating humanity from the grip of ignorance and death and open for us the pathways of Immortality. For that the first work is to discover the psychic. It is this tremendous inner journey that she undertakes even as she arms herself with the power to take on the challenge of Death.


This talk was recorded in May 2012 in Nainital.

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When I ask you to be plastic in relation to the Divine, I mean not to resist the Divine with the rigidity of preconceived ideas and fixed principles.