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At the Feet of The Mother

The Law of Vital Worlds, pp. 178-179

Opening Remarks
Each world is governed by its own inherent and intrinsic law. Its beings and creatures as well as those who act under its influence come under this law and experience things accordingly.

Sates without satisfaction
This is her being’s law, its sole resource;
She sates, though satisfaction never comes,
Her hungry will to lavish everywhere
Her many-imaged fictions of the Self
And thousand fashions of one Reality.

The driving force behind this world is a perennial dissatisfaction. There is momentary satiation of its appetites but it does not last. One turns sooner or later elsewhere, to other fields and forms for its hungry will that seeks the Infinity on a finite basis. It seeks the One in all Its countless aspects and sees them imaged in various forms and fashions them in its fictitious creations.

Truth’s fleeing hem
A world she made touched by truth’s fleeing hem,
A world cast into a dream of what it seeks,
An icon of truth, a conscious mystery’s shape.

This world is created by some fleeting glimpse of the coverings and garments in which the One Truth is robed. It is enough for this world of fantasy and imagination to build a dream-like reality, an icon and an image, to satisfy its seeking, albeit momentarily.

Trusting a dream
It lingered not like the earth-mind hemmed in
In solid barriers of apparent fact;
It dared to trust the dream-mind and the soul.

The earth-mind trusts only that which the physical senses can grasp. But imagination and fantasy reach where the senses do not. They build a world out of dream and take it as real. In this realm the line between fantasy and reality is blurred and sometimes imagination becomes a key to open the doors to a greater reality hidden behind the apparent ‘facts’.

A hunter of spiritual verities
A hunter of spiritual verities
Still only thought or guessed or held by faith,
It seized in imagination and confined
A painted bird of paradise in a cage.

This world and its energies seek the truth by its inherent power of imagination. However, what it often succeeds in doing is to paint and colour an image of Reality in the limiting walls of the mind.

Enamoured of the Unseen
This greater life is enamoured of the Unseen;
It calls to some highest Light beyond its reach,
It can feel the Silence that absolves the soul;
It feels a saviour touch, a ray divine:
Beauty and good and truth its godheads are.

There is in this world a secret attraction towards the Unseen. It feels drawn towards the Light that shines beyond its reach. It somewhere feels the Silence that frees the soul and the saviour touch that heals. It aspires for Beauty and good and truth.

Kinship with the demon and the god
It is near to heavenlier heavens than earth’s eyes see,
A direr darkness than man’s life can bear:
It has kinship with the demon and the god.

This power of imagination that leaps from this world can be used for good or for worse. It can paint everything dark and bring us to despair or uplift the heart to hope. It can dream and fantasise about things demoniac or godly.

Hungers for heights
A strange enthusiasm has moved its heart;
It hungers for heights, it passions for the supreme.

Yet is the heart of this realm moved with a hunger and enthusiasm for heights. It passions for the very Highest.

Hunts and leaps
It hunts for the perfect word, the perfect shape,
It leaps to the summit thought, the summit light.

Because it seeks for the perfection of word and form, poets and artists often pen to this world for inspiration.

Form and the Formless
For by the form the Formless is brought close
And all perfection fringes the Absolute.

After all it is through the form that the Formless is expressed and thereby brought closer to our world. Likewise all perfection is like an ornamental border around the Absolute.

To seek and to create
A child of heaven who never saw his home,
Its impetus meets the eternal at a point:
It can only near and touch, it cannot hold;
It can only strain towards some bright extreme:
Its greatness is to seek and to create.

Through all this it is seeking to reach to its own home of Beauty and Bliss. But it cannot quite reach there by its own powers alone. It draws near, it touches the hem, it can strain towards the Truth but never quite attain It, All that it can do is to dream and thereby seek and create.

Closing Remarks
This is the secret law of this world, to seek but never fully find, to create but never endure, to paint images and approximations and draw close, yet miss the eternal Reality.

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