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At the Feet of The Mother

The Labour of Life, p. 121

Opening Remarks
Life has descended from its high peaks so as to create and build here the Beauty and Truth and Power and Delight of the Spirit. This is her labour and also the cause of her suffering.

Inverting the spirit’s apex
Inverting the spirit’s apex towards life,
She spends the plastic liberties of the One
To cast in acts the dreams of her caprice,
His wisdom’s call steadies her careless feet,
He props her dance upon a rigid base,
His timeless still immutability
Must standardise her creation’s miracle.

The force of life is born from the secret power of the Spirit. That is why she carries in her movements the touch of Infinity. She plants dreams in the heart and mind of man to strive towards Beauty and Power and Joy. There is behind her a deep Wisdom that guides her movements and gives them a direction and a measured pace. At the same time she is provided the rigid base of Matter for her dance and the moulds and forms through which she expresses herself. In fact it is the pure Existence, the Immobile Truth that has become inert matter even as the One Consciousness-Force has become the joyous energy of life throwing infinite patterns through her creative dance.

Inventing the scene of a concrete universe
Out of the Void’s unseeing energies
Inventing the scene of a concrete universe,
By his thought she has fixed its paces, in its blind acts
She sees by flashes of his all-knowing Light.

It is the power of life that brings out of the seeming void, forms and figures that would move and dance in Time and Space. Behind her movements is the Idea whose Light illumines her heart even as she moves and creates.

The governing Idea
At her will the inscrutable Supermind leans down
To guide her force that feels but cannot know,
Its breath of power controls her restless seas
And life obeys the governing Idea.

She has force but not the Idea to guide her steps. This Idea is the secret Truth of all things that must fulfill itself through and in life. The birth of this Real Idea is the Supermind that leans to the call of life to guide her restless steps that are ever busy to create but know not the course and the theme of creation.

The hazardous Mind
At her will, led by a luminous Immanence
The hazardous experimenting Mind
Pushes its way through obscure possibles
Mid chance formations of an unknowing world.

Impelled by her will and led by the secret Knowledge within, the Mind ventures into the Unknown to experiment and discover new domains and worlds unseen.

Nature climbs towards God
Our human ignorance moves towards the Truth
That Nescience may become omniscient,
Transmuted instincts shape to divine thoughts,
Thoughts house infallible immortal sight
And Nature climb towards God’s identity.

Through all this creative dance of life, through all this experimentation and exploration life climbs towards her own Truth and nature is uplifted to diviner heights until it become one with God.

Closing Remarks
This is the secret labour of life, to create beauty and give the Idea an appropriate form and movement so as to house God’s delight in things.

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