The Inner Truth and the Origin of Life, pp. 120-121

Opening Remarks
The vision of Life in its totality and royalty now comes closer and nearer to Aswapati as he ascends through the hierarchy of the ladder of Consciousness. This is the usual way of all ascension. At first we have distant glimpses, few and far in-between. Later they are more frequent and the truth that is glimpsed from afar comes closer and nearer.

The star comes nearer
This, once a star of bright remote idea
Or imagination’s comet trail of dream,
Took now a close shape of reality.

Initially these splendours and glories of Life seem like imagination or an unrealizable remote ideal. But this now comes closer to the seer-will of Aswapati. He can now experience this reality at close quarters.

Crossing of the gulf
The gulf between dream-truth, earth-fact was crossed,
The wonder-worlds of life were dreams no more;
His vision made all they unveiled its own:
Their scenes, their happenings met his eyes and heart
And smote them with pure loveliness and bliss.

A gulf exists between higher truths and earthly realities. Earth declares it as a dream whereas to the yogi these dreams begin to take concrete shapes and intimate realities. His consciousness identifies and mingles with the diviner atmosphere of these higher worlds and breathes a purer Joy that one finds there.

Sky of self
A breathless summit region drew his gaze
Whose boundaries jutted into a sky of Self
And dipped towards a strange ethereal base.

These worlds opened out to the boundless vacancy of the formless Self and seemed to stand upon a base of ether that supported their manifest existence.

The quintessence of Life
The quintessence glowed of Life’s supreme delight.

The quintessence of life is delight. It is the child of delight and mirrors it on its luminous peaks.

Spiritual and mysterious peak
On a spiritual and mysterious peak
Only a miracle’s high transfiguring line
Divided life from the formless Infinite
And sheltered Time against eternity.

Out of the formless Infinite life emerges as a power of the Eternal and enters the field of Time from across the borders that divide the lower and higher Hemispheres of Existence.

Deep ocean of dynamic peace
Out of that formless stuff Time mints his shapes;
The Eternal’s quiet holds the cosmic act:
The protean images of the World-Force
Have drawn the strength to be, the will to last
From a deep ocean of dynamic peace.

Life is perpetual movement of forms in Space and Time but this movement is supported by the Eternal Peace that always stands in the background. Yet this peace is an almighty power and life draws all its strength and will-to-be from this World-Force that is ever present in the heart of the One as the Divine Shakti.

Closing Remarks
This is to say that life has emerged from the ocean of Consciousness-Force, Chitshakti, of the Eternal and the Infinite. Since life in its origin is Divine, therefore it can be transformed into a figure and image of divinity in its manifestation.

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