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At the Feet of The Mother

The Human Cycle (TH 147)

The Divine is there at the center of a spiritualized society. The conception of the Divine should also be integral in the integral yoga. As we progress, the Divine make us experience His expanse (vistar). We should move from the lesser divine to the greater divine.

Jagannath means indwelling Universal Godhead – It has four pillars – unity, freedom, knowledge, power. One should recognize spiritual evolution as the destiny and a great need of the human being. As animal man evolved into a mentalised humanity, so too the conversion of the present humanity into a spiritual humanity is surely the intention of Nature. Sri Aurobindo says supramental change is in the very logic of things. This spiritual conversion cannot be effected by machinery and outward institutions, it has to be lived out by each man inwardly. A spiritual symbol or convention is meaningless unless the thing symbolized is realized in the spirit. There must be numerous failures initially in everything great and difficult. But the times comes when the experience of past failures can be profitably used and the gate that so long resisted opens. For by doing, the difficulty will be solved. The speaker discusses Auroville as an example.

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If you use power to show that you possess it, it becomes so full of falsehood and untruth that finally it disappears.