TH 085 Divine Guidance and Receptivity

When the individual is ready enough and receptive, any word or incident could be a catalyst for the self-awakening. There are many examples of this in India’s spiritual history. Tulsidas is a very fine example of this who was awakened by the sharp words of his wife. But by then his inner self was ready and waiting for a divine touch. But what is the way of a seeker? The Mother says that the seeker must try to open with trust and receptivity to the Divine Guidance with the right attitude. One must be attuned to the universal harmony and the Divine Will behind it trying to express Itself through creation. If we are doing something wrong, from the standpoint of the yoga, there will be a mild uneasiness in our heart. If we ignore, then the indication does not occur again and again. So whatever we do, we can consecrate it to the Divine and must be careful about the inner voice. Then He takes care of the result and our progress.

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