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At the Feet of The Mother

Ilion 2: The Debate (TH 040)

In this talk we see the three key words that Greece talked most – destiny, gods and man. The whole humanity struggled to understand the meaning, significance and the connection of these three words. In his epic poem Sri Aurobindo introduces a rather lesser known lady warrior from Asia by the name of Pentheselea who has come all the way simply to fight in a mortal combat with the unstoppable warrior Achilles. Some Trojan warriors think the same way and are in favour of the War, while some others think the dire consequence of war against Achilles. Each one has his reason for war or no war. Others understand that outward happenings and consequences are of lesser importance than the high and noble qualities displayed by the human spirit in the face of death. Thus through their discussions, Sri Aurobindo has woven through this poem the various shades of humanity and its greatness during moments of crisis. Remarkable rendering of life in details even at the imminent destruction of the whole palace and civilization is what makes this poem of Sri Aurobindo even more interesting.

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If you use power to show that you possess it, it becomes so full of falsehood and untruth that finally it disappears.