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At the Feet of The Mother

Gita 7: Ek Bhoomika (its Background and Context) (TH 099)

Gita is not a book of philosophy, it is a book of yoga. Gita synthesizes many individual paths that merge into the Gita as rivers pour into the sea. It accepts human life and work but shows a new way to deal with it. Our life and work are path towards freedom and ananda, but now they are governed by ignorance. Gita expounds us to establish wisdom in the place of ignorance. Gita explains what Dharma is. Dharma is not just a term here; It is subtle as well as practical. It is progressive as it reveals and establishes higher truths successively.  It is a vision of the great unfolding of life with the immanent Divine as the charioteer and pilot of our works and life.

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If you use power to show that you possess it, it becomes so full of falsehood and untruth that finally it disappears.