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At the Feet of The Mother

Canto I: The World-Stair

Thus we see the broad foundation being laid for us to receive what is revealed to Aswapati, the seer and yogi. From the next Canto until the end of this Book we shall see and share Aswapati’s discoveries regarding these hidden worlds as they climb from Matter through worlds of life and mind towards the Supermind.
In an amazing passage that combines the intuitions of spiritual consciousness and the discoveries of modern Science, Sri Aurobindo reveals to us the process of creation, the weaving of five elements and the soul’s purpose of birth into this enigmatic world.
Evolution is neither a freak nor a chance accident that has somehow occurred within the boundaries of Space and Time. In truth, from the deepest spiritual standpoint, as revealed by Sri Aurobindo, it is a progressive manifestation of the One Infinite. Out of nothing only nothing could emerge.
The involution of the One (who is also Infinite) is through successive stages and degrees until there is a complete self-forgetfulness. We see a comprehensive description of the ladder of consciousness that is one of the secret keys to understanding evolution. This shall be described in detail subsequently.
There are three states of the One Divine, often termed as the three Purushas, - the Individual, the Cosmic, the Transcendent. Through yoga we too can enter into oneness with these three. Here we see Aswapati’s experience as he becomes one with the cosmic consciousness.
Aswapati has arrived at the fullness of the Overmind where he experiences the cosmic consciousness, boundless and vast and immense. We are given here a glimpse of the Cosmic Consciousness.
Aswapati now takes a look at the world stair, that is to say the levels of Consciousness that ascend and descend like a ladder.