Closing Remarks for the Book

Book Two with its fifteen cantos comes to a close now. It describes Aswapati’s journey through the ladder of consciousness that climbs towards the Infinite.

Infinity’s Womb, p. 301

Aswapati is now one with the great Gods. His consciousness has grown immeasurably vast. The crawl of the finite mind is closing and entering into the Infinite. One more step and he would be in the Supermind.

The Many Gods and the One, p. 300

The many gods are aspects of the One. As creation descends towards lower and lower levels each of these gods seems to assume a separate personality. But in the Divine Consciousness they are all harmoniously united in the One.

The Edge of Creation, pp. 299-300

Aswapati now stands on the very edge of creation. One step further and he would enter the realm from where none is known to return. This is the border that Aswapati must cross to find the perfect remedy for a world besieged with evil and pain.

The Peaks and Summits, p. 299

Aswapati stands at the apex of creation from where he can see and experience all the peaks that climb towards the Unknowable. We are now given a glimpse of his experience at those unreachable summits.

The Junction, p. 298

Aswapati saw the puissance and the calm and the powers that stand above the world and the supreme Idea that brought forth all into existence. He has ventured far and deep into the Beyond in search of the Almighty Power that can change all things.

The Doors of the Unknowable, pp. 297-298

Aswapati now stands at the doors of the Unknowable from which all starts its journey and to which all seems to return. If one passes into this Beyond then all the weavings of fate are dissolved and the chain of karma broken.

The Peace and Bliss of Brahman, p. 297

Aswapati has now experienced the Peace that comes from the Self through Its reflection in his mind. He has experienced the Bliss of cosmic Spirit that holds this world in its arms. He has seen the face of the Divine Mother who now bids him to move further.

The World-Mother, p. 295

Beyond Purusha and Prakriti moving the cosmic whirl there stands Kali, the World-Mother whose steps determine future Time. It is She who must open the door to the Beyond for Aswapati.

The Core of Creation, pp. 294-295

Aswapati has reached the very core of creation, the space or domain from where the ideas and forces leap into creation and where our soul returns for a rejuvenating sleep.

The Interval between Birth and Birth, p. 294

After leaving the body the soul goes to the psychic world crossing through the mental and vital domains. Thence it rests for a while depending upon the experiences that it must assimilate and the future it must prepare for.

The World of Souls 2, pp. 292-293

The soul world or the psychic world is not found in the vital and mental domains but much deeper. It is the very core where we enter in deep sleep to return rejuvenated even by a few minutes of contact with it.

The World of Souls 1, pp. 291-292

This is the psychic world where our souls find rest and peace when we rest at night and after death. It is a glimpse of what life could become if we realise our soul and live in it and by it.

The Seed of God, p. 291

It is the psychic world in which Aswapati has stepped in in his search for the door towards the Beyond. It is a world where all souls meet in a happy and harmonious embrace.