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At the Feet of The Mother

Who is Sri Aurobindo?

Sri Aurobindo is a Guru because he shows us the path to freedom from Ignorance. His teaching liberates us from the confusions born from the ignorance that surrounds us.

Sri Aurobindo is also a Guide because he not only points the way but helps us to walk the path. Sri Aurobindo is also the leader of the human march who has released many new idea-forces with a transformative power in the world.

Sri Aurobindo is a revolutionary who spearheaded the Indian Freedom movement at a time when there India was lying low in fear and awe of the British.

Sri Aurobindo is a yogi who opened a new path of yoga for mankind through which not only our soul but also our nature can discover its divine possibilities.

Sri Aurobindo is a seer who revealed the secret truths of life and creation and the future of mankind as none before him did.

Sri Aurobindo is an original philosopher who gave the new philosophy of life divine. Sri Aurobindo is the journalist who through his writings showed how to be in the service of Truth.

Sri Aurobindo is the author with nearly 35 volumes of the highest class of writings in depth and quality and completeness and profundity to his credit.

Sri Aurobindo is the poet who revealed the truth of the mantra in poetry, opened the doors of Future Poetry and wrote the longest epic poem, Savitri, running up to nearly 24000 lines in English of a most sublime poetically creative vision.

Sri Aurobindo is the linguist who decoded the Secret of the Vedas.

Sri Aurobindo is the Avatar who ensured by his spiritual powers that the Hitler and other Axis powers lost in the second world war and the doors of evolution were opened for further human progress from the animal humanity of today to the divine superhumanity of tomorrow.

Sri Aurobindo has set for us the divine example and thereby shown us what it means to live divinely and manifest divine qualities of compassion, wisdom, strength, truth, love and perfection in life. All this and much more that remains undocumented in a single life. I am not sure if any God or vibhuti and Avatar have realised so much, done so much in less than eighty years of earthly existence.

Yet to the devotees and seekers he remains Sri Aurobindo, pure and simple, always full of compassion, always ready to help at every level. I am not sure what category we can try to put him into since he defies and exceeds all of them.

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