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At the Feet of The Mother

The Universal Deity

These too, the fallen and the outcast, the inglorious and the ignoble, the sick and the suffering are all none else but the Divine in different forms. He comes to us not only vision and thought trailing behind raiment of glory and light. He also comes to us as the sick, the destitute, the lonely; it is He who wears the masks of the young and the old, the bent over man walking with his stick is He, the animal sprawling in the mud is He. The plant and the tree we mercilessly cut to suit our need of shelter and objects is also He. Nay He is there in the distant galaxies and stars as much as in the humble dust that lies below our very feet. It is His vast body that we tread when we step upon the earth. It is on His wings that we fly when we reach out to the skies. It is on His waters of life that we sail when we ply on a boat or dive deep into the sea. Him we must worship who dwells in the vast temple of the universe and yet makes the smallest of atoms His sublime abode. Him we must lift our arms in prayer who dwells in all as the Life of their life, the Intelligence of their intelligence, the very Body of their bodies. There is but One Body of which these countless bodies are like living cells.

Him we must pray who is beyond all creeds and sects, whom the religions know not because they have shut Him in dogmas and locked His doors with fear shutting out His tireless Grace that can reach out to us anywhere and everywhere. Him we must pray whom our Science knows not since they believe Him to be bound by their formulas and processes and mechanism of a machine. Him we must worship who dwells forever in the inmost heart of all creatures and is seated within our souls as the most wonderful and marvelous Presence. Him we must  pray who responds to the faintest of whispers sent towards Him by life that struggles beneath the stars. When we have learnt this lesson that He is trying to teach us then shall we be free from the fear of death and indeed from all fears since behind all things terrible and beautiful, dangerous and delightful we shall see the One Divine Beloved shining through countless forms.

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