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At the Feet of The Mother

The Sublime Adventure

The soul of man has entered this sublime adventure, it has renounced the outposts of heaven and entered into dark and forbidden realms, since thus alone it can recover the fullness of the Spirit and rescue the seeds of new possibility buried in the depths of the dark substratum of life. It has entered the portals of Death to discover what lies behind this dark mask that life has worn to conceal itself. Even in this cover of darkness there are seeds of light waiting to sprout. Even in this unconsciousness there is the consciousness that has deliberately hidden and as if forgotten itself. Even in this stark falsehood there is a core of Truth that has been twisted out of shape so as to be beyond recognition. Even in this struggle and suffering there is a hidden ecstasy waiting to be born. Death, struggle, suffering, evil are a passage, not the beginning nor the end of things. We want to avoid this passage; then we shall also avoid the great goal towards which creation tends. We hesitate crossing the dangerous passage but thus alone can we reach the sublime heights. We want to avoid death but it also means avoiding life, for death is only life concealed, wearing a dread mask and dangerous form to deceive us.

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If the mind and the vital can feel and accept the soul’s sheer love for the Divine for His own sake, then the sadhana gets its full power and many difficulties disappear.