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At the Feet of The Mother

The Secret Unity, pp. 313-314

Opening Remarks
It is She who holds the secret of Unity of all beings and the seeming opposites.

The twofold illusion
Illumined by her all-seeing identity
Knowledge and Ignorance could strive no more;
No longer could the titan Opposites,
Antagonist poles of the world’s artifice,
Impose the illusion of their twofold screen
Throwing their figures between us and her.

There is the illusion created by ignorance. It is the illusion of multiplicity that regards each thing as separate. The truth of oneness is missing there. There is also the illusion of knowledge that loses the truth of multiplicity in the sense of oneness. Both miss out on the key to unity in diversity. Matter and Spirit, the two poles of One existence, one giving rise to ignorance, the other to knowledge, are reconciled in Her who holds the secret of both in a single regard.

The Wisdom was near
The Wisdom was near, disguised by its own works,
Of which the darkened universe is the robe.

The universe is Her darkened robe that hides the Wisdom hidden in its seemingly random movements.

Extinction no more the sole release
No more existence seemed an aimless fall,
Extinction was no more the sole release.

Leaving the world of multiplicity to escape into oneness and annul oneself in it is not the only release from the grip of ignorance. One can, by Her Grace, be in the world amidst all its varied objects and manifold play and yet act with the full awareness of the Oneness behind. This is true wisdom as it brings the true freedom which is not dependent on any condition such as escaping from the world. This new possibility opens before us with Her coming as existence no more seems an aimless fall or a purposeless unfolding.

The hidden Word
The hidden Word was found, the long-sought clue,
Revealed was the meaning of our spirit’s birth,
Condemned to an imperfect body and mind,
In the inconscience of material things
And the indignity of mortal life.

She holds the key to the mystery of creation, the secret purpose for our immortal soul entering into the cosmic play assuming an imperfect body and mind amidst the inconscient material universe and the indignity of mortal life. She has the Word of creation and knows its why and the wherefore.

Burning Love from white spiritual founts
A Heart was felt in the spaces wide and bare,
A burning Love from white spiritual founts
Annulled the sorrow of the ignorant depths;
Suffering was lost in her immortal smile.

The heart of creation was found in Her. The burning Love from summits of spiritual purity that She carried within Her annulled the sorrow born of the ignorance here. Suffering was lost in Her immortal smile. It is the Divine Love, the Divine Smile that leans upon earth which is the real remedy and the permanent cure of all suffering and pain.

Wrong could not come
A Life from beyond grew conqueror here of death;
To err no more was natural to mind;
Wrong could not come where all was light and love.

She is the origin of eternal and immortal life that alone can conquer death. Her touch frees the mind from error. Her transmuting light and love removes the very possibility of wrong and evil.

Closing Remarks
The Divine Mother holds the key to terrestrial transformation since She is the origin, the womb and the cause of it. In Her all opposites are reconciled in a manifold unity. It is with Her that the Power to transform earthly life can be found.

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