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At the Feet of The Mother

The Other Earths

An irised multitude of hills and seas,
And glint of brooks in the green wilderness,
And trackless stars, and miracled symphonies
Of hues that float in ethers shadowless,

A dance of fireflies in the fretted gloom,
In a pale midnight the moon’s silver flare,
Fire-importunities of scarlet bloom
And bright suddenness of wings in a golden air,

Strange bird and animal forms like memories cast
On the rapt silence of unearthly woods,
Calm faces of the gods on backgrounds vast
Bringing the marvel of the infinitudes,

Through glimmering veils of wonder and delight
World after world bursts on the awakened sight.

Notes on Text
Circa 1933. This sonnet was published in the Calcutta Review in October 1934. Its first draft occurs just after the first draft of “Transformation”, which is dated 16 October 1933; thus it belongs, in all probability, to the year 1933. See the note to “Transformation” for more details. Writing to a disciple who was trying to translate it into Bengali, Sri Aurobindo wrote that the line “Fire importunities of scarlet bloom” meant “an abundance of scarlet blossoms importuning (constantly insisting, besieging) with the fire of their vivid hues”. There are two handwritten and two typed manuscripts of this poem.

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