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At the Feet of The Mother

The Origin of Pain, p. 443

Opening Remarks
Narad reveals to the queen the origin and mystery of pain.

Born out of Ignorance
Where Ignorance is, there suffering too must come;
Thy grief is a cry of darkness to the Light;
Pain was the first-born of the Inconscience
Which was thy body’s dumb original base;
Already slept there pain’s subconscient shape:
A shadow in a shadowy tenebrous womb,
Till life shall move, it waits to wake and be.

Ignorance brings suffering. They go together. The grief in human hearts is actually a cry for light, for knowledge, for the truth behind creation. Pain was born out of Inconscience carrying and conveying the burden of separation from the Divine origin. It is the body’s dumb base that was already present in the subconscient realms It is the shadow within the dark obscure womb. It wakes up with life and starts its work.

The dreadful Power
In one caul with joy came forth the dreadful Power.
In life’s breast it was born hiding its twin;
But pain came first, then only joy could be.

Pain came along with joy as a dreadful power to open the doors to joy.

Ploughed the hard ground
Pain ploughed the first hard ground of the world-drowse.

Pain was needed to plough the hard ground of matter’s sleep.

By pain Life stirred
By pain a spirit started from the clod,
By pain Life stirred in the subliminal deep.

By pain a conscious spirit started its journey in unconscious matter. By pain Life stirred in the subliminal deeps of our material world.

Awoke to itself
Interned, submerged, hidden in Matter’s trance
Awoke to itself the dreamer, sleeping Mind;
It made a visible realm out of its dreams,
It drew its shapes from the subconscient depths,
Then turned to look upon the world it had made.

The Mind submerged and hidden in Matter’s sleep began to dream and give form to its dreams. It drew its shapes from the subconscient stores and then turned to reflect upon its works.

The bright tenebrous twins
By pain and joy, the bright and tenebrous twins,
The inanimate world perceived its sentient soul,
Else had the Inconscient never suffered change.

Pain and joy are the bright and dark twin that help the world perceive its sentient soul. Else the Inconscient would have never suffered change.

Hammer of the Gods
Pain is the hammer of the Gods to break
A dead resistance in the mortal’s heart,
His slow inertia as of living stone.

Pain is the hammer of the gods to break a dead resistance in the mortal’s heart and his slow stone-like inertia.

If the heart were not forced
If the heart were not forced to want and weep,
His soul would have lain down content, at ease,
And never thought to exceed the human start
And never learned to climb towards the Sun.

If the heart were not forced to want and weep then man would remained content within his little comfort zones of life and would have never thought or tried to go beyond his human beginnings and climb to our parent sun seeking for higher things.

Closing Remarks
We see therefore that the possibility of pain is already inbuilt in matter as a means to help it grow and evolve through the struggle and the challenges.

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