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At the Feet of The Mother


The Mother Reads Selections from Savitri by Sri Aurobindo


Book 4. The Book of Birth and Quest

Canto 3. The Call to the Quest

A morn that seemed a new creation’s front,
Bringing a greater sunlight, happier skies,
Came, burdened with a beauty moved and strange
Out of the changeless origin of things.
. . .
King Aswapathy listened through the ray
To other sounds than meet the sense-formed ear.
[p. 369]
* * *
The Voice withdrew into its hidden skies.
But like a shining answer from the gods
Approached through sun-bright spaces Savitri.
[p. 372]
* * *
An impromptu from the deeper sight within,
Thoughts rose in him that knew not their own scope.
Then to those large and brooding depths whence Love
Regarded him across the straits of mind,
He spoke in sentences from the unseen Heights.
[p. 373]
* * *
Accustomed scenes were now an ended play.
Moving in muse amid familiar powers,
Touched by new magnitudes and faery signs,
She turned to vastnesses not yet her own;
Allured her heart throbbed to unknown sweetnesses,
The secrets of an unseen world were close.
[p. 375]
* * *
When the pale dawn slipped through Night’s shadowy guard,
Vainly the new-born light desired her face;
The palace woke to its own emptiness;
The sovereign of its daily joys was far;
Her moonbeam feet tinged not the lucent floors:
The beauty and divinity were gone.
Delight had fled to search the spacious world.
[p. 376]

End of Book 4 Canto 3

three dots stand for omitted lines, three asterisks indicate also a separate page in the video presentation

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