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At the Feet of The Mother

The Lonely Great, pp. 460-461

Opening Remarks
Narad now prepares to round up his revelations about Fate by reminding everyone that Savitri is no ordinary being. She has come with a special work and hence must confront special challenges.

The great are strongest
As a star, uncompanioned, moves in heaven
Unastonished by the immensities of Space,
Travelling infinity by its own light,
The great are strongest when they stand alone.

The great and luminous beings who come to help earth are like stars that move alone without being appalled by the immensities of Space and the work they come to do. They are guided by their own light to the deed planted in their heart, strongest when alone in the face of adverse destiny.

God-given might
A God-given might of being is their force,
A ray from self’s solitude of light the guide;
The soul that can live alone with itself meets God;
Its lonely universe is their rendezvous.

They are charged with God’s Force for their work and are led forward guided by a ray of light from their secret soul. The soul that can live alone with itself meets God in the lonely universe of the vast inner being.

A day may come
A day may come when she must stand unhelped
On a dangerous brink of the world’s doom and hers,
Carrying the world’s future on her lonely breast,
Carrying the human hope in a heart left sole
To conquer or fail on a last desperate verge,
Alone with death and close to extinction’s edge.

Narad now prophetically announces that a day may come when she stands alone and unhelped on a dangerous brink where all is lost or gained for herself and for earth and man. She carries the world’s future on her lonely breast. She carries the solitary ray of hope for the world in her lonely heart. She has come to conquer or fail in a tremendous battle with death on the verge of extinction.

Her single greatness
Her single greatness in that last dire scene
Must cross alone a perilous bridge in Time
And reach an apex of world-destiny
Where all is won or all is lost for man.

He prophesies of a last dire scene when she must cross over to the domain of darkness and death to build a bridge and reach an apex where the new divine possibilities are won or lost for earth and man.

Tremendous silence lone
In that tremendous silence lone and lost
Of a deciding hour in the world’s fate,
In her soul’s climbing beyond mortal time
When she stands sole with Death or sole with God
Apart upon a silent desperate brink,
Alone with her self and death and destiny
As on some verge between Time and Timelessness
When being must end or life rebuild its base,
Alone she must conquer or alone must fall.

In that tremendous lonely silence where an hour decides the world’s fate, She would climb beyond mortal time and stand alone with Death or with God. Apart upon a silent desperate brink, alone with her self and death and destiny, on some verge between Time and Timelessness, she must end or rebuild life upon a new base. Alone she must conquer or alone she must fall.

No human aid or armoured god
No human aid can reach her in that hour,
No armoured god stand shining at her side.

Neither man nor gods can assist her in that tremendous strife.

She alone can save
Cry not to heaven, for she alone can save.

She alone has the power to save herself and the world from doom. None else can.

The silent Force came missioned
For this the silent Force came missioned down;
In her the conscious Will took human shape:
She only can save herself and save the world.

It is for this purpose that she has come down into this mortal world to confront Fate and Death and change the law of earthly evolution. She is the embodiment of the silent Force, the conscious Will of the Divine. She and she only cane save earth and humanity.

Closing Remarks
Narad has revealed the total truth that the queen had asked. Savitri is a conscious descent with a particular mission and her fate is her own choice meant to fulfil the mission for which she has come.

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