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At the Feet of The Mother

The Conversations Continues, p. 406

Opening Remarks
The conversation between Savitri and Satyavan is surely one of the best, noblest ever documented in the history of mankind. It is an example for man, a rare exchange between two divine beings to which we are being made privy.

Savitri replied
And Savitri, musing still, replied to him:
“Speak more to me, speak more, O Satyavan,
Speak of thyself and all thou art within;
I would know thee as if we had ever lived
Together in the chamber of our souls.

Savitri mused upon his words seeks to know more about him, his life and his inner being. She is now keen to know his deepest aspirations, his highest goals, as if in intimate contact with his very soul.

Speak till a light shall come
Speak till a light shall come into my heart
And my moved mortal mind shall understand
What all the deathless being in me feels.

Her soul is already sensing an intuitive closeness to her goal. Yet she wants her heart and mind to also see and understand.

Thou art he
It knows that thou art he my spirit has sought
Amidst earth’s thronging visages and forms
Across the golden spaces of my life.”

Her inmost self has come to intuitively know that it is Satyavan whom she has sought to be her partner and mate in the great game of life. It is he whom she has sought amidst the many faces across the sunlit spaces of her life.

Replying harp
And Satyavan like a replying harp
To the insistent calling of a flute
Answered her questioning and let stream to her
His heart in many-coloured waves of speech:
“O golden princess, perfect Savitri,
More I would tell than failing words can speak,
Of all that thou hast meant to me, unknown,
All that the lightning-flash of love reveals
In one great hour of the unveiling gods.

Satyavan too has sensed that the two of them are meant to be together. He responds as a harp in echoing her words. His speech was as if a heart replied to a calling flute. He addresses her as the golden princess, perfect Savitri and expresses that he too would want to share more and more till words fall short. He says that in a lightning flash of love he has felt all that she has meant to him, though outwardly unknown so far. Their meeting is a moment of the gods that reveal what is hidden so far.

A brief nearness
Even a brief nearness has reshaped my life.

Even in this brief moment he feels within him a change reshaping him.

A soul made ready
For now I know that all I lived and was
Moved towards this moment of my heart’s rebirth;
I look back on the meaning of myself,
A soul made ready on earth’s soil for thee.

He feels that it is now, after meeting her, that he has discovered the secret meaning of his birth. His heart is reborn and it seems that his life so far has been a preparation for this meeting and all else that will follow hereafter.

Closing Remarks
Both Savitri and Satyavan have felt intuitively that they are meant for each other. They are beginning to express and acknowledge the birth of love in their hearts.

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