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At the Feet of The Mother

The Being of Death, p. 574

Opening Remarks
The passage below describes the form that the being of Death has taken in the human consciousness.

The tenebrous form
In its appalling eyes the tenebrous Form
Bore the deep pity of destroying gods;
A sorrowful irony curved the dreadful lips
That speak the word of doom. Eternal Night
In the dire beauty of an immortal face
Pitying arose, receiving all that lives
For ever into its fathomless heart, refuge
Of creatures from their anguish and world-pain.

The tenebrous form of Death bore the deep pity of the destroying gods in its appalling eyes. His lips were curved by a sorrowful irony and spoke only the word of doom. In his persona the Eternal Night seemed to have worn the dire beauty of an immortal face. His face and form rose before Savitri with a pity receiving all that lives as if giving refuge forever in his fathomless heart taking them away from the anguish and pain of human life.

Nothingness made real
His shape was nothingness made real, his limbs
Were monuments of transience and beneath
Brows of unwearying calm large godlike lids
Silent beheld the writhing serpent, life.

His shape was as if nothingness had been given a body and made real. His limbs were as if built of transience. Beneath his brows was an unwearying calm with large godlike eyes that silently looked upon the writhing serpent life.

Unmoved their timeless wide unchanging gaze
Had seen the unprofitable cycles pass,
Survived the passing of unnumbered stars
And sheltered still the same immutable orbs.

His timeless gaze was wide and unchanging filled with the sense of vanity of the meaningless cycles of creation. He had seen the death of unnumbered stars through his immutable unchanging eyes.

The two opposed
The two opposed each other with their eyes,
Woman and universal god: around her,
Piling their void unbearable loneliness
Upon her mighty uncompanioned soul,
Many inhuman solitudes came close.

Savitri stood opposing the god with her gaze. Around the woman was the universal god of Death and the void of unbearable loneliness as if oppressing her mighty uncompanioned soul. Many inhuman solitudes seems to converge around her.

Closing Remarks
Savitri stands before the formidable god that is empowered to destroy all things.

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