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At the Feet of The Mother

Sri Aurobindo's Path and Traditional Yoga

Text in English
The Supramental Manifestation is likely to follow a similar curve except that .... there will be no crystallization into fixed format Religion this time but a constant progress from light to greater Light
Nirvana in the sense of freedom from Ignorance that comes by realisation of the Divine within through the psychic door is indeed the first step of Integral Yoga.
Video in Hindi
इस हिंदी वार्ता में हम 24 नवंबर 2022 का दर्शन संदेश पढ़ते हैं जो श्री अरविंद की "दिव्य जीवन" पुस्तक से लिया गया हे।
... it is best to follow the maxim, to each his own path. At the same time one respects the right of others to follow their own way without deviating from the truth one has seen and felt within oneself.
Text in English
He deserves his place among the line of spiritual masters who came to destroy the old world order, but destroying is one thing and building a new world is quite another.
The Path is everywhere. We carry it wherever we go. It is carved by the fire of aspiration and the light of our faith.
If power without knowledge is a dangerous thing, then knowledge without power is a thing ineffective.