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At the Feet of The Mother

Relation with the Divine

Our relation with the Divine can be primarily of a philosophical, religious, occult or a spiritual nature.

Philosophical relationship is an intellectual search for God through intellectual affirmations and denials.

Religious approach is of the nature of fear and favour. This is the kind of approach wherein one seeks blessings, help and extra privileges. The philosophical approach is through the mind while the religious approach is through the vital nature. When it remains in the lower vital range then it is through fear and favour. A higher and deeper religious approach is through the emotional heart. It can open the doors to the true spiritual seeking sometimes and can bring some kind of an initial contact with the Divine.

Occult approach is often mistaken for the spiritual but there is a difference and distinction. Occultism is like a science and seeks to understand the lines of forces, energies and powers that govern the different aspects of creation. It keeps us thereby tied to the multiplicity of the manifestation and does not give us the direct contact with the Creator.

Of course all these three approaches can lead us to the doors of the Divine and change into a true spiritual seeking. This is where yoga begins. Its object is not to seek favours from the Divine but to grow in union and oneness with the Divine. This is something that the other three approaches cannot provide. But spiritual seeking and yoga automatically include the other three as side results and gifts.

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