Psychic Tears and Psychic Sorrow


When the Mother was throwing a last glance at us while returning from the Pranam, some tears and a profound feeling came out from my heart.

It is the natural psychic movement of love and bhakti deep down in the being.

Often tears come out as if directly from the heart as a result of joy or love for the Mother. I wonder if today’s tears were also of the above category.

Probably they were.

The psychic tears often come up, usually they are few, one can count them. But today they were many, almost like weeping.

There is a psychic sorrow which is not like the vital one — but it may be that the feeling came from the psychic but the vital took it up.

My experience was somewhat disturbing. Could a psychic sorrow be like that?

The vital took it up perhaps and gave it a more vehement and turbid expression — otherwise there is nothing disturbing in a psychic sorrow.

I doubt if these were merely the tears of joy, for I could not then have left my head on the Mother’s lap for such a long time. I had almost become unconscious of myself when the tears were springing out.

I did not mean that they were tears of joy. There is a psychic sorrow which usually comes when the soul feels how strong is the resistance in the vital and how much the Forces in it rage against the Mother, or when some similar feeling is in or behind the consciousness.

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