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At the Feet of The Mother


Light is there all around us; we live, move and have our being in light. Whatever is necessary for us to know, we can know at all times, if only we are sufficiently open to receive it. But our mechanical thoughts and notions hide the light from us; our doubts and misgivings prevent us from accepting the truth when it comes. Thus, we pass our life in darkness and ignorance. Power is there all around us; it supports our life, our movements, our efforts. Whatever power and strength is required for the work before us, we can get at all times, if only we are sufficiently open and receptive. But our inert passivity or egoistic restlessness cuts us off from the source of all power. Thus, we pass our life in weakness and failure.

Joy is there all around us; the foundation of the whole world play is infinite joy, and our life is a progressive manifestation of it.

We have only to open ourselves, and there will be no limit to our joy and bliss. But we limit and bound ourselves by ignorant desires, and attachments. Thus; we pass our life in thirst and misery.

Thou art there always by our side, always within us, Mother; all greatness, all glory is Thine. We can have the fullest share of light and power and joy, if only we can sufficiently open ourselves to Thee.

* * *

I am emptying my heart and soul, Mother, so that Thou mayest fill me with Thy own self. Come to me in Thy fullness, come as light, come as power, come as joy.

Descend into me as light, dispel all darkness from me, fill me with the knowledge of truth; give me the insight by which I can always discriminate between truth and falsehood.

Come as power in the form of divine impulses, give me the strength to reject sternly all suggestions of falsehood, give me the power to execute only Thy will perfectly on the earth.

Come as joy filling my heart with love and beauty. In all the sweetest sight and sounds on the earth, let me recognise the expressions of Thy divine beauty.

That is how I shall recognise Thee everywhere, Mother, as light, as power, as pure and perfect joy; I shall persistently make myself free from all darkness and perversions, so that Thou mayest fill me with Thy own self, Divine Mother.

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