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At the Feet of The Mother

Opening Remarks for The Book Seven

Savitri has reached a turning point in her life brought about by an adverse fate. She loves and is married to Satyavan who is doomed to death as the celestial sage Narad has prophesied. Being a sage and a demigod, he is endowed with the gift of foresight which cannot be wrong. Savitri’s mother has tried to dissuade her daughter from embracing a certain doom. But Savitri chooses love over safety and comfort. She takes upon herself the challenge of death and adverse fate.

Yet this is no ordinary challenge. It is easy to fight against visible adverse, difficult and yet possible to fight against the obstacles within one’s own inner being. With sincerity and persistent effort one can discern and dislodge the wrong movements and replace them with the right and true and beautiful ones. But how does one fight against invisible forces that weave our fate? How does she fight against an unknown past whose energies have been stitched together as the garb of destiny? How does she fight against death that chases man’s life with certainty and inevitability? Yet she has taken up the challenge. It is to equip herself for this tremendous challenge that she engages in a yoga that will have far reaching impacts upon earthly life. The Book of Yoga is about the yoga that Savitri undertakes to fight death and fate.

The adverse fate becomes a means for opening an inner door. Death becomes a path to immortality. Grief becomes a spur to discover the Power that conquers death, the Power that she is born with. Now the hour arrives for Savitri uncover that Power through yoga. Thus the book of yoga starts with her ordeal and grief that accompany the joy of union with her husband. Holding back her tears, instead of breaking down in the face of grief, Savitri arms her self with the absolute Power that can change fixed fate. It is her work and mission to thus open the path of immortality for man through her own journey.

Savitri receives a program for the yoga she must undertake. She follows it diligently and with total sincerity and steadfastness of will. An image of perfect aspiration, she breaks through layers after layers in which the soul lies hidden. Experience after experience enter her consciousness as she dives deeper and deeper stopping not at any half way homes, pressing ever forward and further to discover her secret soul that alone can open all other doors for man.

Finally after a long and tremendous journey she discovers her secret soul. She knows who she is and why she has come. All the subtle centres open under its influence and give their powers to her. Further she goes beyond creation. Her individual consciousness expands into the cosmic recovering her universal and transcendent Self. Thus completing her yoga, Savitri becomes fully equipped to take fully the challenge of fate and conquer death.

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