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At the Feet of The Mother

Moving Forward – Pursuit of Truth

In its pursuit of Truth humanity has followed several routes. Each of these routes took lead from something within him, some faculty or capacity with which mankind has been endowed. Philosophies, cults, sects, religions sprang up based on these routes and paths that humanity took to find the Truth of who he is, what is this universe around him and what is his relation with the world. Thus humanity began to group itself not only geographically but also ideologically and psychologically.

peacock-feather-186339_960_720 This intra-species differentiation and the subsequent conflicts over it are part of our collective history. It is, in a way, an extension of our animal past wherein sub-species of the same type fight for spatial domination. With the coming of man this became a fight not only domination of outer physical space but also of

subjective inner space. It is true that the resultant clash and conflict have been far more severe than within any other species and threaten our very survival as a race. At another level, Nature has used even this clash and conflict for the coming together of different groupings and an eventual understanding and assimilation of each other.

The question is could there be another way, a different process that may lead to a mutual understanding and a growing harmony between what now stands at different poles? Tolerance is clearly not enough. Something else, something more is needed! Perhaps a re-kindling of the ancient fire that burns within man’s heart and compels him to seek further and further. Perhaps a stepping out of the boundaries and comfort zones of our beliefs and non-beliefs and stare with the wonder of a child into the far avenues of the Beyond!

And for that, the first thing we need is humility, the acceptance of our present limitations of knowledge, the acceptance of what we call as Truth is but a shadow of what yet awaits us in the distant horizons. Our present accomplishments are mere playthings before what is yet to be discovered and accomplished. Our present faculties and capacities are but nothing compared to what is yet to emerge from within man through the process of evolving Time.

Our seeking for Truth is not yet over. The nomad within us still wanders in search of the Light that can give us the ultimate security in the wisdom that sets the spirit free. The hunter within us still hunts for the ever elusive Peace and Bliss. Our hearts still wait expectantly for the transforming power of that alchemist energy called Love.

There is a need within the soul of man
The splendours of the surface never sate;
For life and mind and their glory and debate
Are the slow prelude of a vaster theme,
A sketch confused of a supernal plan,
A preface to the epic of the Supreme.

(Sri Aurobindo: Collected Poems, P 606)

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