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At the Feet of The Mother

Message of the Future (HH 106)

What does the future has in store for us? Certain events in our recent times may well indicate to us the working of the New Consciousness and the coming of the New Age. They may well be so as infant steps in the right direction. Yet humanity has to cover a large ground before we can be ready for the Promise of the Future bequeathed to man and earth as its destiny. We try to hear some whispers of destiny as we enter this year that is the centenary of quite a few significant events such as ‘the Mother’s meeting Sri Aurobindo’ for the first time on earthly plane, Her starting of the Group called ‘The New Idea’ and the start of the monthly journal ‘Arya’.

Words of the Mother

What I want to bring about in the material world, upon the earth.

1. Perfect Consciousness.
2. Integral Knowledge, omniscience.
3. Power invincible, irresistible, ineluctable; omnipotence.
4. Health, perfect, constant, unshakable; perpetually renewed energy.
5. Eternal youth, constant growth, uninterrupted progress.
6. Perfect beauty, complex and total harmony.
7. Inexhaustible unparalleled riches, control over all the wealth of this world.
8. The gift of healing and giving happiness.
9. Immunity from all accidents, invulnerability against all adverse attacks.
10. Perfect power of expression in all fields and all activities.
11. The gift of tongues, the power of making oneself understood perfectly by all.
12. And all else necessary for the accomplishment of Thy work.

23 October 1937

* * *

I wish
1. personally to be eternally the perfect expression of the Supreme Divine.
2. that the supramental victory, manifestation and transformation should take place at once.
3. that all suffering should disappear for ever from the worlds present and future.


* * *


Divine Mother,
Could we have a message from you to pass along to those in the United States who may be ready to aid in the fund-raising work we are doing?

Money is not meant to make money; money is meant to make the earth ready for the New Creation.

15 June 1966

Those who serve the Truth cannot take one side or another Truth is above conflict and opposition. In Truth, all countries unite in a common effort towards progress and realisation.

8 June 1967

May I have a clarification from you on two points?
(1) Does not the Grace work for whatever Truth there may be on both sides of a conflict?


Or does it keep altogether aloof just because either side has falsehood also?

No. I said work—it is a constant working.

(2) Do the present conflicts differ radically from a conflict like World War II, in which the Grace worked definitively and decisively on one side—at least on the whole?

You are mixing up two things, the working of the Grace and the result which is the inevitable consequence of the triumph of the Truth: they are quite different things on a different level.

The progressive victory of the Truth brings automatically certain results complex and often unexpected by the human mind which always wants clean cuts. It is only a total vision both in time and space that can understand.

14 June 1967

* * *

How can you believe that the Grace works for one nation or against another? The Grace works for Truth and in the present conditions of the world, Truth and falsehood are both present everywhere, in all nations. It is the human mind which thinks this one is right and that one is wrong—right and wrong are present everywhere.

The Truth is above all conflicts and all oppositions.

13 June 1967

* * *

How is one to explain this age-old enmity between the Jews and the Arabs (although having a common ancestor) hating each other, generation on generation up to the impasse in which we have been living from some days back?

Perhaps the enmity exists only because they are neighbours!

Violence and enmity… when brothers hate, they hate much more than others. Sri Aurobindo has said: “Hate is the indication of the possibility of a much greater love.”

Since long it was the habit to govern through division and opposition. The time has come to govern through union, mutual understanding and collaboration.

To choose a collaborator, the value of the man is more important than the party to which he belongs.

The greatness of a country does not depend on the victory of a party but on the union of all the parties.

6 October 1969

* * *

India has become the symbolic representation of all the difficulties of modern mankind.
India will be the land of its resurrection—the resurrection to a higher and truer life.

February 3, 1968

* * *

One sees that the world in general is at present in a sort of disequilibrium and chaos. Does this mean that it is preparing itself for the manifestation of a new force, for the descent of the Truth? Or is this the result of the action of hostile forces in revolt against this descent? And what place does India occupy in all this?

It is both at the same time. It is a chaotic means of preparation. India should be the spiritual guide explaining what is happening and helping to shorten the movement. But, unfortunately, in her blind ambition to imitate the West, she has become materialistic and neglectful of her soul.

13 October 1965


* * *


Images of the Future by Archaka


In the introduction to his “Le Dieu de Dieu” he gives us some glimpses into his life:

“I belong to the generation of genocides: the one which came to birth during the Second World War and awoke to the awareness of the world as a perpetual battlefield. …..

To the genetic code inscribed in our cells was added in our subconscious the most formidable horror of all times. Too small to know what had thus entered into us. We reacted blindly and declared war in every possible way on the adult world.

I was twelve years old when 1 scribbled my first book. Having broken with his family the hero. hardly older than myself, went to live in slums. 1 was sixteen when 1 signed my first contract for a novel. Without much literary value probably, but somehow 1 did write these words which were later at the heart of all my activities : ‘I have killed death . I have not killed but destroyed, not death but the idea of death in me’.

Fortunately I did not become famous……

…. More and more children endowed with faculties superior to what presently represents our highest intelligence are bound to be born in the coming decades…..

When we imagine the future of the planet, we see ourselves such as we now are, in a milieu which has scarcely changed: harmony between peoples, new arts and sciences, new conquests of Space. But we do not conceive of the changes which will take effect within us. We envision nothing beyond that harmony, taking it to be an end in itself, whereas it must be the means of opening ourselves to a consciousness and action by which our personality, of its free will, becomes indistinct in the interest of a harmonious collective individuality of which, until now, totalitarian systems have given us but a distorted idea. We shall cease to think in terms of me and mine; this will occur naturally and not, as today, by means of coercion. Our spirit will change and, over the course of centuries (which, perhaps, will be calculated quite differently), we shall discover that the external unity of the world to which we so much aspire, and which is precluded by our present constitution, will only be the reflection of an inner unity of life on Earth. We shall not only share among ourselves the riches which we shall have acquired, whether material or spiritual. We shall not simply live beyond the notion of property, the mark of individual or collective ego. Our very being will be shared….

Our first dream of the future, and the most constant, concerns without question harmony among men. However, this cannot be firmly established unless the instincts of war and domination, the sentiments of superiority of one race over another, or of the human specie s over others, fall from us like leaves from a tree. There can be no definitive peace on Earth until the poisoned sources of violence, which is the incapacity to understand the truth of others, have first dried up within us. We cannot become united by way of coercion. We must begin by loving one another…..

From the law of love we must proceed to love itself, to the sentiment of love. Not to be accomplished from one day to the next, a long and patient labour doubtlessly awaits us, during which we shall purify and refine our psychological being and the movements by which it is animated, so that the harmony, liberty, equality and fraternity of all mankind become truly possible. The way in which we define ourselves in relation to ourselves and in relation to others’ must as a consequence be the first to change….

Only then can there reign peace on Earth: from within our being, not from without, by an irresistible inner act, rather than by the incoherent fury of an external act. The time will certainly come when we shall be capable of this, as it is certain that the conflicts in which we confront each other only serve to prepare in us the matrix from which a new light must appear. The blows which strike us are like those of the sculptor who shapes from unhewn rock the dream of a beauty which would otherwise remain unembodied. But the time will soon come when the shaping hand will no longer deal blows and begin to caress us-when we shall be ready on all levels of our individual and collective being to live in peace…..

Entering more deeply into ourselves, we shall discover the region of the heart, and inevitably our view will be different. Rather than taking a stand against the universe, we shall quite simply feel love towards it; rather than uniting ourselves against each other, we shall love each other, living, thinking and feeling in a light whose gentleness and radiance will gradually dispel the inner night in which we have wandered for millennia.

A new mode of thought must therefore appear-not merely a new social, philosophical or religious system, but a new manner of employing our intelligence, the efflorescence of a new comprehension of the world and ourselves. It is this inner development which we neglect to consider when we endeavour to see further than the actual state of our progress. We view the future in our image, rather than viewing ourselves in the image of the future.


Jan 13, 2015

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