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At the Feet of The Mother

Mental Liberation and a Free Intelligence, pp. 284-285

Opening Remarks
In this state, all mental constructions eventually break down in the absence of any sanction from the Witness Self. Our mind and intelligence become free and universal intelligence.

Nothing could be known by the mind
Then suddenly a luminous finger fell
On all things seen or touched or heard or felt
And showed his mind that nothing could be known;
That must be reached from which all knowledge comes.

Then a light came down which demolished all structures that the mind constructs and believes them to be truth. But the truth is that the Mind cannot know anything by certainty. It is only by ascending beyond the mind that one can discover the Source and home of Knowledge.

Sceptic Ray
The sceptic Ray disrupted all that seems
And smote at the very roots of thought and sense.

This light took away all premature certitudes on which the mind builds its theories and believes them passionately. The trust that we impose upon the senses and the mind were taken away.

A middle term
In a universe of Nescience they have grown,
Aspiring towards a superconscient Sun,
Playing in shine and rain from heavenlier skies
They never can win however high their reach
Or overpass however keen their probe.

He saw that these mental structures and systems of thought have emerged out of the Nescience and are trying to reach out to the Superconscient as a tree seeks the light of the sun. Yet just as the tree growing upwards is too far from the Source of the Light towards which it is drawn, so too our mind is simply incapable of knowing the Truth by these systems and structures it has built around the soul of man.

Mind’s instruments
A doubt corroded even the means to think,
Distrust was thrown upon Mind’s instruments;
All that it takes for reality’s shining coin,
Proved fact, fixed inference, deduction clear,
Firm theory, assured significance,
Appeared as frauds upon Time’s credit bank
Or assets valueless in Truth’s treasury.

Even the very instruments of the mind, our reason and the senses, cannot be trusted. What they report as truth and fact through inference and deductions; what the mind builds as theories and systems of philosophy appeared now as fraudulent currency with no real value except to dupe us into believing it to be the truth.

Ignorance on an uneasy throne
An Ignorance on an uneasy throne
Travestied with a fortuitous sovereignty
A figure of knowledge garbed in dubious words
And tinsel thought-forms brightly inadequate.

Al our mental knowledge is a mere Ignorance sitting on a throne that ever changes as new theories and philosophies replace the old ones. Each such new philosophy or system of thought packaged in words that confuse more than clarify, conceal more than reveal seem the ultimate truth at its time. Yet are they largely decorative pieces, shining but inadequate to discover and reveal Truth.

Image in a broken glass
A labourer in the dark dazzled by half-light,
What it knew was an image in a broken glass,
What it saw was real but its sight untrue.

The mind is like a labourer working in such a darkness that he is dazzled and drawn towards every Light mistaking it for the Source. But since by its very nature the mind is fragmented it cannot see the true and complete image of Reality but only a broken and fragmented image. It believes these partial, incomplete and grey images to be Truth.

Mutterings of transient cloud
All the ideas in its vast repertory
Were like the mutterings of a transient cloud
That spent itself in sound and left no trace.

Though these thoughts and words and ideas of the mind make much sound they are like clouds that mutter awhile and then pass away without leaving any trace.

Closing Remarks
The Self of the Mind, this vast impersonal, indifferent state in which the mind enters, is liberating in its effect. It frees us from all religious and sectarian belief-systems as well as ideological freezes and home for rigid dogmas and fixed opinions and the carcasses of once-living truths.

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One day “God” decided to exteriorise himself, objectivise himself, in order to have the joy of knowing himself in detail. So, first of all, he emanated his consciousness ordering this consciousness to realise a universe.