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At the Feet of The Mother

On Circumstances and Attitudes

The Divine Will operates primarily following a law of attitudes more than a law of circumstances. Circumstances are determined by Fate or destiny and depend upon several factors including the choices we have made. But depending upon our attitude we can grow through every circumstance. For example, if we have to choose between two possibilities, the first thing to become conscious of is what is impelling our choices. If it is a selfish choice pushed by the desire self or for some egoistic satisfaction, then it is bound to bring us suffering. Once we have cleared this distortion in the mirror of our heart, which is invariably driven by preferences, fixed ideas, opinions, gratification of desires, then we shall see that one of the choices leads us to peace and harmony and progress, light and inner joy, whereas the other leads to turbulence, agitation, division and disorder even though it gives us momentary joy or certain practical and other advantages. Here the choice is obvious as to which way we shall go.

However, the matter is not always as simple as that since we often have contrary tendencies and contradictory pulls. Besides the human mind has an almost endless capacity for self-deception. In such instances (and most choices come under this category) we should see what opens doors to inner progress and then try to follow it with as much unselfishness as we can.  If we have proceeded along a certain line with unselfishness, offering it to her at every step then even if that choice is made under a thick veil of Ignorance, it helps us grow and progress and since we have placed it in Her Hands we are also carried through the consequences (that arise out of every choice) in a safe and sheltered manner. What is important is sincerity in whatever we do. Imagine taking up a work or marrying a person we are meant to be with and yet being insincere? Such a choice obviously bears ill fruits. On the other hand, taking up a job or being with a person which was not apparently the best choice and yet doing it sincerely and faithfully at once helps us advance with leaps and bounds. So instead of focusing so much upon outer situations it is best to focus upon one’s attitudes and then see what choice will be best from the point of view of the goal we have chosen for ourselves.

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