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At the Feet of The Mother


Love is the great force which surely leads us to the Divine, and it grows by constant and sincere self-giving.

In self-giving we give up not the self but our selfishness, and that is an indispensable condition of happiness and self-realisation. The more we give to the Divine, the more we get; what we give in dross, we get back in gold; when we offer what is dearest and most valuable to us in life, our gain becomes highest and we get the greatest joy.

When we offer anything to the Divine, we must not make any condition or demand, for that will contradict our self-giving, and defeat its own end. We should completely merge ourselves in the Divine, making her joy our joy, her power our power, her life our life. By the solvent touch of this devotion and love, our egoism will completely melt away, we shall realise that essentially we are one with the Divine Mother; that we are made of the same stuff, we are nothing else but herself reproduced in so many individual forms.

Then will disappear all distinctions between mine and not-mine, all conflicts between self and not-self; we shall feel identified with the one self of all; we shall see the Divine everywhere; and in everything and every movement we shall taste the joy of the divine lila.

Essentially we are one with the Divine, yet we are differentiated so that we may ardently reunite through love — that is the highest truth of our existence.

* * *

I have found the true joy of life in identification with Thee, Mother; my whole being becomes full of real delight when I feel Thy touch intimately within myself.

I receive Thy touch in various ways, and each has its own peculiar joy. When Thy light descends into my mind and finds expression through my ideas and words, I feel the great joy that arises from the perception and expression of truth; but when my mind follows its own way, it becomes a dry and tedious movement going on in a blind and mechanical manner.

When I feel that I am working for Thee and that Thy power is working in me, I feel a great delight and satisfaction in my work; but when I work for my own sake, impelled by desires, with a sense of my own responsibility, it becomes a mere drudgery, bringing in all the miseries of egoistic effort.

When I feel an inner touch with Thy physical body, the very substance of which is pure bliss, even my most material cells throb with a deep and intense joy and get a taste of immortality; but when I cannot open myself, the body remains dull and inert, producing more pain than pleasure by its blind groping movements.

My aspiration is to perfectly identify myself with Thee, Mother, in every part of my being, so that my whole life may become full of divine and immortal joy.

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