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At the Feet of The Mother

Life’s Too Short?

This is in response to a comment by a fellow devotee that due to our short life span when we realize our goals and learn a few things about life, the time is up to leave the body and start afresh. True, it is said that the lifespan dwindles as the yugas transit from Satya Yuga to Kali Yuga. The reason seems to be due to the descent of the Divine Energy working at different levels of our complex being. In Satya yuga the Divine works at the spiritual levels, in Treta it is the mind, in Dwapara it is the vital, while in Kali Yuga the working of the Divine Energy is on the hard crust of matter itself. What this means is that the Divine Energy veils itself from the other parts and focusses on the task at hand.

Thus in Kali Yuga, the spiritual, the higher mental, the heroic vital is kept behind and there is the natural tendency and a gravitation towards the material life and ‘hard facts’ leading to a veiling of other parts. Its result is doubt, illnesses of various kinds (due to the resistances of matter), confusions due to obscurity of the material consciousness. However this working is of the greatest importance since once this is done then the general consciousness rises straight to a new Satya Yuga rather than following the long backward trail. Each such new Satya Yuga is one step higher and better than the previous one. It is an ascending spiral so to say. Kali Yuga brings its own gains in the total story of evolution. So while it is no doubt challenging and engaging yet it is worth the effort since everything upon earth is ultimately based upon matter.

The good news however is that while in the earlier cycles the transit from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga would take place through pralaya, a near-total devastation, the Mother assures us that though there will be a certain amount of destruction needed to clear the passage for the New Creation yet there will not be a total pralaya. Earth and humanity will turn from its doorsteps and without losing or eclipsing the gains of the previous cycles the earth will be able to take on a new body and man will be able to take the leap to the new humanity whose coming has been foreseen and who will take up the great earthly labour of the gods and who will find and forge the way towards an entirely new species, the divine humanity of tomorrow.

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