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At the Feet of The Mother

Guidance in Life: The Head and the Heart


I will tell you a secret; if you follow it, it will help you very much in your life.

Always act from your heart, and not from the head, and you will see that everything changes its perspective if you can put this into practice. It is a good lesson. This attitude will teach you… or reward you very much in your life. What, have you understood?

Yes, Mother. But sometimes I cannot distinguish between the two.

What, you do not know how to distinguish between the heart and the head, after having lived here for so many years? What do they teach in the school, not all this?

But, Mother, all this, one has to cultivate by one-self.

Then you should have made an effort. I can well understand, in Europe or in the West, the first thing that a little child is taught, it is the outer life. He is told that all that surrounds him, that is his life. He must take advantage of all the benefits, of the joy, in what is around him. But here, it is exactly the opposite. You are told that the only thing which exists is within yourself. It is the only aim of your life: to find the Divine.

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