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At the Feet of The Mother

Grandeur and Royalty, pp. 124-125

Opening Remarks
Not only love and beauty and rapture but also power and grandeur are found in these Life-Heavens.

Summit Glories
There were summit-glories inconceivable,
Autonomies of Wisdom’s still self-rule
And high dependencies of her virgin sun,
Illumined theocracies of the seeing soul
Throned in the power of the Transcendent’s ray.
The worlds of Life contain as it were not just beauty and rapture and wonder but also Wisdom and Power. At its peaks there are realms where Wisdom draws directly from the Rays of the Supramental Sun and reigns by its Power.

Sun-bright kingdoms
A vision of grandeurs, a dream of magnitudes
In sun-bright kingdoms moved with regal gait:
Assemblies, crowded senates of the gods,
Life’s puissances reigned on seats of marble will,
High dominations and autocracies
And laurelled strengths and armed imperative mights.

These summits dwell in the luminous power of the Supramental Light and all beings there wear a regal stamp and royal authority. Their puissance will dominates the realms below and their strength carries the fiat of victory. All that was there is grand and royal.

Objects great and beautiful
All objects there were great and beautiful,
All beings wore a royal stamp of power.

In keeping with the high royal touch, all beings there were vested with royal powers and even objects were grand and beautiful.

Oligarchies of natural Law
There sat the oligarchies of natural Law,
Proud violent heads served one calm monarch brow:
All the soul’s postures donned divinity.

There one could discover the Masters of living who set into motion the natural law of things. They are moved by the vision of the One and each of their actions and postures wore the stamp of divinity.

The reign of Love
There met the ardent mutual intimacies
Of mastery’s joy and the joy of servitude
Imposed by Love on Love’s heart that obeys
And Love’s body held beneath a rapturous yoke.

There, in that high and beautiful kingdom, it was Love that ruled through love and all beings served all in the spirit of love. The ruler and the ruled were all bound together in a joyous intimacy born out of love.

Game of meeting kinglinesses
All was a game of meeting kinglinesses.

All beings were a royalty and all life was a play of intimacy and togetherness.

Ruler and the ruled
For worship lifts the worshipper’s bowed strength
Close to the god’s pride and bliss his soul adores:
The ruler there is one with all he rules;
To him who serves with a free equal heart
Obedience is his princely training’s school,
His nobility’s coronet and privilege,
His faith is a high nature’s idiom,
His service a spiritual sovereignty.

Just as the law of love makes the worshipper one with the one he worships turning the relation into a mutual joy, growing one in the being and qualities of the adored, so too the rules there became one with all he ruled. His rule was a free service to all as an act of love, his crown of nobility was listening to the will of his subject, his faith the sign of a high and uplifted nature, his service the mark of a spiritual sovereignty.

Closing Remarks
Such was the glorious kingdom that Aswapati had entered, a space where love and joy bound all to all and made the ruler one with the ruled in consonance with the law of the Spirit.

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