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At the Feet of The Mother

Fully Opening to the Mother

One can open to the Mother in different parts of the being.

Psychically we can open to Her through faith, love, devotion, surrender.

Spiritually we can open to Her through prayer and aspiration for Her Light, Wideness, strength, Peace, Wisdom and all other aspects of the Higher Consciousness.

Mentally we can open to Her through reading Her Books and reflecting / contemplating upon Her words, thinking of Her, meditating upon Her.

Emotionally we can open to Her by finding all the varied relations of life in Her as also by directing all our emotions towards Her.

Vitally we can open to her through service born out of love for Her. It is through serving Her that the dynamic parts of our nature begin to open.

Physically we can open again by engaging in Her service and also by engaging in body work consciously with an aspiration to open to Her, in all our activities Remembering and Offering all to Her.

Most important is through a constant Remembrance, japa, of Her Name.


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