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At the Feet of The Mother

February 05, 1914 (PM 098)

This prayer is a beautiful invocation of the Divine Love.

February 05, 1914

WHAT can be said except the same identical aspiration: the law of divine love, the purest expression of what we can conceive of Thee, must realise itself more and more upon the earth and triumph over all ignorant egoism; we must become more and more perfectly the faithful servants of that power of love and light, live in it and by it; it must be that alone which lives and acts in us.

O Lord, become the sovereign Master of our lives and dispel all the darknesses which can still prevent us from seeing and constantly communing with Thee.

Liberate us from all ignorance, liberate us from ourselves that we may open wide the doors of Thy glorious manifestation.

The text above is quoted from the Third Edition, 1954 (translation by Rishabhchand Samsukha)
This book is freely available at https://www.auro-ebooks.com/prayers-and-meditations-1954-edition/


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