AS04 The Finding of the Soul n

The Finding of the Soul

Satsang with Dr Alok Pandey on the Psychic Being, including a passage from Savitri Book 7 Canto 5, The Finding of the Soul.

AS05 Questions and Answers n

Q & A Session in Sydney

On being guided to avoid Guided Meditations. Turning to the Mother. Approaching the Highest via different deities.

The Luminous Future for Earth and Man

The Luminous Future for Earth and Man

This talk centers around the future envisaged and assured by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for earth and man. Evolution is not finished and man is not the last and final product of creation.

States of Consciousness cover

States of Consciousness

An interactive session with Dr Alok Pandey on topics including the sense of I, Krishna, God’s play etc.

AS08 Work and Swadharma

Work and Swadharma

Q & A Session with Dr Alok Pandey about work and its various dimensions.

The Spiritual Evolution of Man

The Spiritual Evolution of Man

Dr Alok Pandey shares insights on social, ethical, religious and spiritual evolution of man, with practical examples from myths and practical life.

Human love and relationships cover

Human Love and Relationships

Practical aspects of human relationships and how to make them beautiful. We play with perceptions and thereby falsify the truth of our relationships.

Qualities for Life and Yoga (cover)

Qualities Needed for Life and Yoga

The talk is about choices, decisions, and qualities, such as endurance, needed to make our life beautiful and divine. Followed by questions and answers, including ones on Auroville.

AS17 Q&A on meditation, work, education

Meditation, Work, Education – Q&A Session

This interactive session first dwells on the processes of meditation and concentration, followed by a subject of educating children towards higher spiritual values.