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At the Feet of The Mother

Becoming Conscious: The March Past – “I am There Every Evening”


From the mid-forties till the end of 1958, the Mother used to come almost every evening to the Playground for the March Past, to take the Salute. She would stand for the Salute, in the same place where we have the map of undivided India. One by one, the groups would file past Her. This action had a profound and deep significance. She also supervised the other physical education activities.

The Mother has explained what she tried to do during the March Past. She says: “…the March Past …is… a way of opening oneself to the energy, the universal energy, to prepare for the action… the March Past is for stimulating the receptivity of the body to the energies for realisation. It is based upon something which is expressed in all kinds of ways; but it is a kind of admiration… a spontaneous and also charming admiration for heroism, which is in the most material physical consciousness.” (CWM, Vol. 7, p. 259)

After the exercises all the groups would stand in attention, in a formation around the Mother who stood in front of the map. This was the ‘concentration’ about which the Mother says: “I try, first, to make the atmosphere as calm, quiet, unified as possible, as though I were spreading the consciousness out wide, like this; (gesture) and then from far above I bring down the Force as much as I can and put it upon you as strongly as I can… it is a collective work… it is a work of unification which I do…” (CWM, Vol. 7, pp. 258-59)


The Mother taking the salute in the Playground


The March Past

“I am There Every Evening”

Bonjour, Sweet Mother.

Bonjour, my child. Tchch! I wanted to tell you something.

What is it, Mother?

I don’t remember. It slips from my memory. It escapes me. Just at the moment when it was necessary that I tell you, it escaped me. But since a long time I wanted to tell you. When you are not here before me, it is at that moment that I remember, and when it is necessary…

But what is it, Mother? If you try to recollect a bit…

Oh my!… yes, yes, I remember. I wanted to tell you: “You know, every evening I hear you.”

I hear your voice when you are giving orders for the marching. (Gymnastic Marching) It is clear and distinct. I can hear clearly when I pay attention. I hear you almost every evening. And sometimes I hear the band. But it is funny, because every evening I tell myself: “I have to tell him about this phenomenon. He has a voice which reaches here, till my room.” And I clearly hear your orders when you conduct the marching.

Really, Mother?

Yes, it is true.

Maybe it is the wind which is blowing this way, that is why….

Yes, maybe. But I see you also. It seems that everything is going on as usual.

Yes, Mother, exactly; only, the difference is that You are not present there.

I am there every evening to take the Salute. But who told you that I am not there? Yes, physically I am not there. But I am present in another body, in another aspect, I am present there to direct in another way. And those who have the vision or the will to see, see me clearly, just as I am here now before you. Do not remain under the illusion that I have abandoned you all. Never. Every evening, I see you, and I smile to myself: “Maybe he does not know that I am watching him, stealthily seeing him…” And you are not aware of it.

Do not remain engulfed in unconsciousness. Try to develop this capacity to see me. It is time that one turns within a little.

The Mother watching Gymnastic Marching in the Playground

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