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At the Feet of The Mother

A Step Towards Victory

We may ask what if I have not turned towards the Grace? Can I still seek help? Happily yes because it is not the Divine who ever closes the doors of Grace upon us. Tirelessly He watches over our life and death, helping us in our life as well as in our passage to the beyond. It is we who close the doors with disbelief and distrust, fastening it further with nuts and bolts of arrogant reasoning that sees only one side of things and blindly almost obstinately refuses to see other sides even when they stare at us. Perhaps these calamities and crisis are an occasion and an opportunity to look at these aspects of our own and the world existence that we thus far ignored. When all the outer doors of help and all our advancements seem to be closed upon us, it is time to look towards the door which was always open. Only we must know how to turn the handle. So far we have been turning the handle in the wrong direction, we have forfeited our chance for a direct contact with the Glory of Glories, and handed it over instead to the priests and the popes. We have uninstalled God from our hearts, the sanctuary that He himself built for His permanent dwelling place, and installed Him rather in man-made temples of clay and brick. It is time to open the doors of this inner temple, enter the sanctum sanctorum where He dwells, and engage in the one true worship and contemplation, offered through hands of faith by the priest of aspiration who ever sits within our hearts with the flame that never dies. Once awakened, even a spark of this inner Deity is enough to counter a million dangers from this world and worlds invisible.

What is this inner Deity’s Name and what religion does He belong to? He can assume any Name that we may ascribe to Him even though He is Nameless. He can assume any form in which we put our trust even though He is the indwelling Universal who is beyond forms. He can understand all languages and even the unspoken mute prayer of the bird and beast and stone. His face is everywhere even though man has shut Him in limited places where we find Him. He belongs to no religion even though he accepts our allegiance to this or that religion if we wish to limit Him thus. He belongs to no country or civilisation even though and is spread everywhere beyond all our national and continental boundaries; even in far off distant galaxies He is there even as He moves the particles within an atom by His silent Will. If human will can surrender itself to that Will then there will be nothing impossible. If human will can align itself to His Will then we shall become aware of a law higher and truer than all the laws of Nature, of the Law of Truth that can remake our lives, bringing it closer to the original intended plan.

But we have deviated from this straight and simple Law of Truth, replacing it with our artificial manufactured virtue and vice. That is why we cannot understand why ‘bad’ things happen even to ‘good’ people. Or else we ignorantly and with an air of superior self-righteousness declare that those who are afflicted by diseases are sinners, and rejoice in having escaped the ‘wrath of God’ for the moment. What we forget that He is all Love and knows no wrath; He is all Compassion and treats the saint and the sinner with an equal love. His Mercy has no limits and His Love and Compassion are boundless. Men do not suffer from illness and die because that have sinned. It is rather because they either do not know the Law of Truth or knowing IT are unable to live according to It. Instead they prefer the guidelines of religions or the code of conduct as dictated by an ideal or ideology. But the Law of Truth is vast and infinite; it is plastic and supple and not a uniform penal code or mechanical law of living. If we change within, then the Law too changes its terms and conditions. That is why the wisest and most profound truths has been that Fate is not something fixed. We need not suffer this constant sense of a fatality that haunts our lives. We can recreate our fate each moment, rewrite the scroll of destiny, replace the script written by our trembling mind and heart with the script of the soul and thereby change a crisis, even a moment of inevitable death into a door of opportunity and a step towards victory.

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