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At the Feet of The Mother

Working for the Mother

The Mother’s work is at once individual and collective.

The individual work which is the true basis of the collective work is to find the Divine within, to open to Her through aspiration,  rejection,  surrender and let Her Consciousness transform our mind and body and life.

The collective work is to be a radiating channel and instrument of Her Light and Harmony and Peace and Love all around, to become a centre of Her Action and Her Force into this world.

Thirdly to become a part of and help in the New Manifestation through whatever means are placed at one’s disposal such as work, time and energy, wealth, spreading the message and making it known to those who seek for a greater Light and a more comprehensive diviner way of existence, organisation of various activities such as health, education etc in Her Light.

All this is to be done quietly, without the spirit of propaganda or egoistic ambitions,  knowing fully well that the work and the power that executes is Her. One simply opens to Her with faith and aspiration and lets Her Work in us and through Her.

All this can be done either as part of an organization already involved in this approach or else independently as an individual.  However, since there is an interdependence between the individual and the collective it helps to be connected with some collective group that is already engaged in Her Work.

The main work however is within and it is this inner work in each one that provides the needed fulcrum for the larger collective work.

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