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At the Feet of The Mother

Veiled Realities: The Subtle Worlds


Eh, Eh! (in a teasing tone) I thought you had evaporated as you were not here a moment ago. Yet, I saw you when I passed by maybe ten minutes back.

Mother, I went downstairs for some work.

But I thought you had disappeared, melted… gone. I could not see you, but I felt that you were somewhere in the room — a part of your being which you had left behind was looking at me. That is why I was wondering whether you had been transformed so quickly, or whether you had melted away!

But, Mother, I did not feel that a part of my being had detached itself from me. I did not feel anything, or see anything.

Oh, my child, it happens often and I constantly see beings, consciousnesses, concentrated parts of the being, subtle bodies, all kinds of elements and movements — aspirations, desires, complaints, and all sorts of things around me — someone who comes asking me for help, others for relief, for protection, for Grace, for my blessings, and all kinds of things, and so on.

It is not only miserable instances or unpleasant stories that I have to hear all the time. No, there are beautiful things too, and joyous meetings of souls, pure thoughts, noble aspirations that come directly to me and all kinds of interesting things that happen around me. It is a real game that takes place before me, so varied and interesting. I sometimes smile to myself when I hear all these stories they tell me. I ask one of them here, another there, then another — what he wants, and I give him what he needs. I bless them, one after another, relieve them, protect them, pour a little peace and love on each according to his need, his aptitude and his receptivity, so that each one may be touched by the Grace and may go back happy and satisfied. That is what I am constantly doing in spite of my usual work. And physically it is hard to meet everyone. But in that domain everything happens very quickly and simultaneously. I am not limited by what is called time or space. You understand, I do many things at the same time without anybody seeing them, or being aware of them. You see, you are not conscious of what is happening, not even what has happened in you. And how can you know all that is happening all around? Be conscious and receptive. Look and open yourself towards the vast horizons. Open yourself towards the heights, towards what is true and lasting. Do not remain engulfed like an ox tied to its rope, turning round and round in its rut. Even if the sky were to fall on its head, it would not realise it. Such is its fate, its condition. Oh, when will you all wake up, shake off this torpor, this unconsciousness and this ignorance, be touched by the flame to soar into that life? When? When will that blessed and wonderful day come? I wonder and I wait. Let us see. (silence)

(In a teasing tone) What, are you still there? Not disappeared or transformed once again, as you had melted? Can you show me that trick once more? Do you want to disappear like that into thin air or else transform yourself?

Of course, I want to transform myself, Mother.

Do you think you can transform yourself?

If you give me the means and the help, Mother.

Do you think that I am not giving them to you? I am happy if someone follows me. And I am constantly giving, to prepare souls so that they may transform themselves.

Then, prepare me in that way.

Only if you collaborate. It is not a question of a will that aspires for the transformation only for five minutes a day and is sleeping most of the time. No, one must be able to aspire constantly and at every minute collaborate with the Divine. A constant vigilance and an aspiration to live in my Consciousness, this is the base. Then one can advance or begin walking on the path towards transformation. Only, to begin. To transform oneself, that is still far away and very difficult. However, one begins to take the first steps towards transformation: To feel me in all circumstances, firmly established in me. Then I am there to help you and, little by little, to push you little by little towards this unknown goal.

And existence will have a meaning if all this is transformed in an effort towards the Divine. It is this that I am working on. If you have an unflinching will and an aspiration that always wants to rise towards the heights, untiringly, always in pursuit of the Truth, well then, launch yourself on this path of transformation that I have traced with Sri Aurobindo’s help. This is of all things the most true. Open yourself to me. It is my help alone that can lead you to the ultimate goal. Wake up a little to this new life. Time presses. And nothing is more interesting than this. It is a game, it is an adventure, it is a mystery where the “I” does not exist. One is completely immersed in the Divine, absolutely identified with the Divine — the divine exploring his kingdom, or the Divine exploring Himself to express his identity.

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