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At the Feet of The Mother

The Path of Yoga and Relations with Family

The ultimate Ideal is to base all our life on oneness, on the truth that the Divine is in everything and behind everything, that all forms and outer personalities shaped by various forces are a mask, but behind the mask it is always the Divine Lover and Beloved who smiles at us. If we are able to get past the outer appearances through the power of this faith or the power of selfless love then we shall find all bitterness healed and we shall also be able to love truly. It is also the best way to help the person since by constantly releasing in his or her environment the idea that he or she is the Divine behind all appearances and masks the mask will slowly begin to rip off and reveal the beautiful face of God who hides behind all things.

This of course is the ultimate Ideal. But short of that we can practice a detached kind of relationship wherein we relate to the best part of a human being (and everyone has something good if we observe closely) and remain indifferent about the rest. This attitude develops as we struggle with our own imperfections and see how much human life is imperfect and how difficult it is to change even the slightest of things in our nature. Human nature is still crude and largely if not completely submerged in darkness and steeped in falsehood and unconsciousness. True the soul is there but it is never allowed to speak or rather its voice is drowned in all the noise of other parts that clamour for attention. In most the soul is so completely submerged in the dark fields of nature that it is like a sleeping deity who is yet to open its eyes. To expect from them things that are high and beautiful and pure is an error of judgment and will only bring pain to us while create undue stress on the person who is not yet ready or even willing to change. Such people have to be just accepted for what they are and left to find their life through the tortuous ways of fate. This does not mean entering into vital interchanges with them for their company is like a contagion of disease and worse since it afflicts our mind and heart and the energies of life. They are best avoided and the interaction kept to a minimum as is warranted by the common obligation of work or duty.

Finally there are some who actively resist our spiritual journey. They stand obstinately in our progress or come in the way by sapping all our time and energy meant for dedicating to the Divine and His Work. These have to be quietly but firmly shunned. If they are part of our family then our relation with them should be bare minimum and it should be made clear that you would not want them to interfere or come in the path you have chosen for your progress towards the Divine. It is part of our sincerity to the Ideal and fidelity towards the Goal we have chosen without which nothing true or lasting can be ever achieved. We have to then make a choice between trying to please the ego of some human beings (an impossible task anyways) or else pleasing the Divine or at least listening to our soul. Human beings will be left behind but our soul, our true self is what will continue. The Divine who is our eternal companion will be with us not only in this life but all others. So to build our relationship and make it true, sincere and enduring with the One who is with us forever (The Divine) should be the most important thing in life. If others can be carried along it is fine. If they refuse then just leave them aside and walk alone with the Divine which is the greatest of felicities that one can ever have. This need not be done with bitterness or harshness but quietly, firmly and yet with the steadfastness of will that is the sign of one who is born to fulfil the divine purpose of one’s life.

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