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At the Feet of The Mother

The Mystic Script of Life, pp. 191-192

Opening Remarks
Life runs along two parallel streams. The one with which we are more familiar is the surface life of man, its surface seekings, temporary satisfactions and sufferings. Behind it all there is a deeper yearning that one finds sometimes in this greater life, a glimpse here and there sometimes of the deeper truth of Life.

Spirit in her forms
Ever he felt near a spirit in her forms:
Its passive presence was her nature’s strength;
This sole is real in apparent things,
Even upon earth the spirit is life’s key,
But her solid outsides nowhere bear its trace.

The Divine Presence animates and vivifies all things with His mighty Breath. It is the Life behind our life, the Force behind all forces, the One Power, sole, occult, true that stands behind all things though hidden from the surface view.

Stamp on her acts
Its stamp on her acts is undiscoverable.

This breath of the Spirit is however hidden behind Its works.

Pathos of lost heights
A pathos of lost heights is its appeal.

This Divine Presence, this Power and Breath of Grace is the secret cause of life’s yearning and the sorrow that it feels in her depths. It is drawn towards the heights it has lost.

Veiled reality
Only sometimes is caught a shadowy line
That seems a hint of veiled reality.

Yet there comes from time to time, some glimpse, some shadow or hint of this veiled divinity that moves all things.

An unwritten story
Life stared at him with vague confused outlines
Offering a picture the eyes could not keep,
A story that was yet not written there.

The confusing lines of our life are like an unfinished picture or a story that is yet to be completed. Its full significance will be known only when we have read the entire script and the now half-drawn picture is finished.

Fragmentary design
As in a fragmentary half-lost design
Life’s meanings fled from the pursuing eye.

We see a part and that too superficially and hence we cannot decipher the meaning and the inner sense of this story.

Life’s secret sense
Life’s visage hides life’s real self from sight;
Life’s secret sense is written within, above.

To discover life’s secret sense we have to dive deep within ourselves or rise above our ego-bound ignorant mind. Otherwise if we glean only the surfaces we shall miss the real self of life and its secret truth will escape our eyes.

Half-finished design
The thought that gives it sense lives far beyond;
It is not seen in its half-finished design.

The truth of life, the thought and idea that moves it cannot be discovered by any amount of surface analysis of its countless processes. It has to be discovered by an ascension of the human soul into the Beyond.

Half-played charade
In vain we hope to read the baffling signs
Or find the word of the half-played charade.

Until then we keep trying vainly to read its confusing signs or reconstitute the perfect word from cryptic partial hints.

In a greater life
Only in that greater life a cryptic thought
Is found, is hinted some interpreting word
That makes the earth-myth a tale intelligible.

It is only with this ascension to a greater life that we shall know the play and the real truth behind life’s appearances. It is then that the secret sense of life’s intrinsic purpose will disclose itself.

Closing Remarks
A rash leaping at appearances or an analysis of our life story with the surface mind cannot give us the secret that we hope to find. It is only by an ascension beyond mind and a deeper, greater, wider consciousness that we shall find the answer to the riddle of life.

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