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At the Feet of The Mother

The Luminous Heavens of the Mind, p. 277

Opening Remarks
Aswapati now begins his ascent to still higher luminous kingdoms at the summit of the Mind worlds.

The Ideal
Always the Ideal beckoned from afar.

The Ideal kingdom is a world where each Idea creates a world and can be seen in its full summit-glory. From these heights it transmits its rays and powers further down to create in the human mind the brilliant shadow of idealism. This world now called Aswapati.

Each step a luminous world
Awakened by the touch of the Unseen,
Deserting the boundary of things achieved,
Aspired the strong discoverer, tireless Thought,
Revealing at each step a luminous world.

Behind these high and luminous worlds there is felt the touch of the Unseen drawing us closer and closer, higher and higher. Heeding to this call Aswapati leaves behind the majestic worlds of the Greater Mind aspiring to discover the still greater Beyond. Helped by an aspiring Thought he climbed through worlds of Light as steps towards the Unseen.

Towards the deathless Light
It left known summits for the unknown peaks:
Impassioned, it sought the lone unrealised Truth,
It longed for the Light that knows not death and birth.

Leaving the known behind a new journey begins towards peaks Unknown. His aspiration is to discover the One Sole Truth from which all has emerged like countless rays from a single sun. He longed to reach the very Source of all light, the infinite Light that is shadowless and deathless.

Each stage a heaven
Each stage of the soul’s remote ascent was built
Into a constant heaven felt always here.

Each stage of his ascension was felt like a highest heaven constantly accompanying him.

The journey marvellous
At each pace of the journey marvellous
A new degree of wonder and of bliss,
A new rung formed in Being’s mighty stair,
A great wide step trembling with jewelled fire
As if a burning spirit quivered there
Upholding with his flame the immortal hope,
As if a radiant God had given his soul
That he might feel the tread of pilgrim feet
Mounting in haste to the Eternal’s house.

A new and marvellous journey had begun, a journey of rapture and wonder and bliss illumined by a fire jewelled with great celestial powers. It felt as if each step was burning with the splendour of the spirit, as if a radiant god had given his soul to build this world for pilgrim feet to tread in their hastening upward way to the Home of the Eternal…

The Ideal Mind
At either end of each effulgent stair
The heavens of the ideal Mind were seen
In a blue lucency of dreaming Space
Like strips of brilliant sky clinging to the moon.

Even as he climbed through this luminous stair he saw the heavens of the Ideal on either side as if situated in strips of blue and brilliant sky across dreaming space.

Closing Remarks
The very first steps into this realm of luminous heavens are so intoxicating that it is easy to stop and let our journey cease there.

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