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At the Feet of The Mother

The Light of Savitri (TH 031)

Savitri is not a mental creation and hence cannot be understood by mere mental reasoning. This poem is of a revelatory nature, like a sunlight in which one can bathe and change, receive and be energized. It is the story of Light conquering Darkness, and of Love conquering Death. But what is Death? It is a shadow of God as He moves towards the Future. By limiting Himself or rather His manifestation to Time and Space, Death came into being. It pulls back towards the Past as creation moves towards the Future. That is what we find here. Savitri seeks to bring a new future for earth and mankind. It is a future whence man can be free from ignorance, error and pain but Death resists using one logic or another. Among Death’s various arguments is this that since she believes that there is a Divine Consciousness behind creation then why should she try to change things? This is a circular argument. Savitri instead replies that She herself is the Divine incarnate who has been missioned to change. In other words when the time for an old law or an old way of life is over, then the Divine Himself comes down to change it. Death then challenges her asking her to reveal her divinity and her Power so that he can see and adore her. In this way we also see a gradual transformation of Death who starts by resisting the Divine but ends up acknowledging Her Wisdom and finally submitting to Her Power.

Recorded in 2009.

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