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At the Feet of The Mother

The Junction, p. 298

Opening Remarks
The Supermind proper belongs to the higher hemisphere of existence along with the other three supreme Principles, that is, Truth, Consciousness and Bliss each of which has its own unique world. All these worlds are based on Oneness. They are created by putting forwards one or the other aspect of the One Supreme Existence. Yet all other aspects are not forgotten but simply there in the background. In the lower triple worlds of Mind, Life and Matter this oneness is lost and division prevails. However at the apex of the Overmind the sense of oneness is not fully lost. It is there but already beginning to recede into background leading to a progressive ignorance. Though there is no ignorance in the Overmind proper, the step towards Ignorance has been taken. Thus, in a way this becomes the junction point between the higher and the lower hemispheres of existence.

Splendour of the spirit’s realms
Thence gazing with an immeasurable outlook
One with self’s inlook into its own pure vasts,
He saw the splendour of the spirit’s realms,
The greatness and wonder of its boundless works,
The power and passion leaping from its calm,
The rapture of its movement and its rest,
And its fire-sweet miracle of transcendent life,
The million-pointing undivided grasp
Of its vision of one same stupendous All,
Its inexhaustible acts in a timeless Time,
A space that is its own infinity.

In this high realm the subjective inner Space and the outer objective Space begin to fuse into one. The within and the without are simply two different poises and not inalienably distinct and different things.
Here he saw the Splendour of the Spirit, its greatness and its works, its passion and power leaping into creation out of a state of calm infinity. Here rapture of movement and the calm of rest become one. He saw here the miraculous origin of transcendent life, the unity between the One and the Many, between Time and the Timeless, between space and the spaceless infinity.

Glorious multiple of the One radiant Self
A glorious multiple of one radiant Self,
Answering to joy with joy, to love with love,
All there were moving mansions of God-bliss;
Eternal and unique they lived the One.

All things here were a glorious multiplication of the one endless Self and each of these responded to every other by multiplying itself, to joy with joy, to love with love. Each being was a moving mansion of God-bliss. Each was eternal and unique yet lived the One, was always fully conscious of the One, based its unique life upon the One.

Outbursts of God’s truth
There forces are great outbursts of God’s truth
And objects are its pure spiritual shapes;
Spirit no more is hid from its own view,
All sentience is a sea of happiness
And all creation is an act of light.

There forces were great outbursts of God’s truth and objects were built as perfect and pure spiritual spaces. There Spirit is self-revealed to Itself and not hidden behind forms and works. Each experience was a sea of happiness and all creation was an act of light.

Powers that stand behind the world
Out of the neutral silence of his soul
He passed to its fields of puissance and of calm
And saw the Powers that stand above the world,
Traversed the realms of the supreme Idea
And sought the summit of created things
And the almighty source of cosmic change.

Emerging out of the neutral fields of silence in which his soul had plunged he saw the puissance and the calm and the powers that stand above the world and the supreme Idea that brought forth all into existence. Therein he sought the summit of all things, the very origin, the almighty power that can change creation.

Closing Remarks
Aswapati has ventured far and deep into the Beyond in search of the Almighty Power that can change all things.

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