The Inner Countries (SVH 46) Book 7 Canto 3

Book Seven: The Book of Yoga, Canto III: The Entry into the Inner Countries.
Armed with a tremendous and intense aspiration, Savitri forces her way through the inner gates that bar our consciousness from entering within except in some rare moments of dream or trance. She passes from level to level, from the world of matter to the world of life and then onward to the world of mind. Each of these levels offers to her its gifts and its resistances. It is easy for the traveller to the inner kingdoms to become lost in one of these states and wander for long in some intermediate zones thinking that he has arrived. But Savitri’s one-pointed aspiration and the sincerity of her being safeguard her from these subtle and occult dangers that lurk within. Savitri refuses to rest there and presses further onward towards the mystic cave, pointed out to her by the luminous gods that emerge from her soul reaching out to the world as beautiful thoughts and feelings and helpful, luminous, benevolent energies.

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