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At the Feet of The Mother

The Inconceivable Purpose, p. 223

Opening Remarks
It is indeed inconceivable as to the why and wherefore of Evil and darkness and error with our limited human intelligence absorbed in the outward and the immediate. Yet the Wisdom that works in the heart of Night is real and serves a purpose in the grand scheme of things.

The robe of Night
In the inconceivable Purpose none can gauge
A vast Non-Being robed itself with shape,
The boundless Nescience of the unconscious depths
Covered eternity with nothingness.

There is a hidden purpose in creation which our present human mind cannot fathom. There is a reason, a divine reason so to say, as to why the eternal covers His face with the mask of nothingness and the All-Conscious limits Himself in unconscious shapes.

Cosmic pain
A seeking Mind replaced the seeing Soul:
Life grew into a huge and hungry death,
The Spirit’s bliss was changed to cosmic pain.

This tremendous purpose concealed to our eyes saw the truth vision of the Soul being replaced by a mind that gropes in Ignorance. Life thereby grew a figure of hungry Death and Bliss changed to cosmic pain.

A mighty opposition
Assuring God’s self-cowled neutrality
A mighty opposition conquered Space.

As if this was not enough this opposition conquered Space making it seem as if God was an impartial neutral Witness who had little or no say in the cosmic workings.

The long process
A sovereign ruling falsehood, death and grief,
It pressed its fierce hegemony on the earth;
Disharmonising the original style
Of the architecture of her fate’s design,
It falsified the primal cosmic Will
And bound to struggle and dread vicissitudes
The long slow process of the patient Power.

Creation could have been a spontaneous, almost miraculous outflowering but the cosmic Will of the Divine has been falsified and distorted by falsehood that governs the heart and mind of man. It is the cause of disorder and disharmony and condemns us to an adverse fate and slow and long and painful struggle of evolution.

Deformed and disfigured
Implanting error in the stuff of things
It made an Ignorance of the all-wise Law;
It baffled the sure touch of life’s hid sense,
Kept dumb the intuitive guide in Matter’s sleep,
Deformed the insect’s instinct and the brute’s,
Disfigured man’s thought-born humanity.

It sowed the seed of error in creation and made turned the Law of Truth into a Law of Ignorance. Due to its effect Intuition slept on the couch of matter in the heart of life and shapes were deformed and man’s thought disfigured and twisted and deviated from the straight path of truth.

A shadow
A shadow fell across the simple Ray:
Obscured was the Truth-light in the cavern heart
That burns unwitnessed in the altar crypt
Behind the still velamen’s secrecy
Companioning the Godhead of the shrine.

The soul in man which alone knew the truth was veiled in the heart. A shadow fell across the Ray of Light that shines in our souls and chased it as a companion.

Closing Remarks
It is this fathomless purpose towards which we find Aswapati’s quest is turned so that this painful passage of earth and humanity may be shortened and minimised.

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