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At the Feet of The Mother

The Illumined Mind, pp. 268-269

Opening Remarks
Above the higher Mind are regions of the Illumined Mind with its beings. If the higher Mind is like a steady sunshine, the illumined mind is a space where the beings themselves carry the light in their eyes.

Archangel race
Above stood ranked a subtle archangel race
With larger lids and looks that searched the unseen.

The beings of this world are of a higher order. They are known as archangels with larger lids and deeper eyes that can penetrate into the hidden depths.

Light of liberating knowledge
A light of liberating knowledge shone
Across the gulfs of silence in their eyes;
They lived in the mind and knew truth from within;
A sight withdrawn in the concentrated heart
Could pierce behind the screen of Time’s results
And the rigid cast and shape of visible things.

They carried a light of liberating knowledge in their eyes and their consciousness concentrated in the heart could pierce through the screen of Time and see what was hidden behind the appearances. Their eyes filled with the silence of the stars knew truth from within.

Seeing thoughts
All that escaped conception’s narrow noose
Vision descried and gripped; their seeing thoughts
Filled in the blanks left by the seeking sense.

Their thoughts inspired and moved by truth-seeing could discover what our narrow conceptions miss. They could thereby see and fill the gaps in knowledge that exist due to the inadequacy of our senses.

Join the unknown to the apparent worlds
High architects of possibility
And engineers of the impossible,
Mathematicians of the infinitudes
And theoricians of unknowable truths,
They formulate enigma’s postulates
And join the unknown to the apparent worlds.

Through the faculties of inspiration and revelation they could see the future possibilities and the way to bring it nearer. They could build systems of thought and high philosophies born of a deeper sight. They could answer the riddle of time and solve the enigma of the ages. They had an access to truth yet unknown and thereby serve as a link to join these hidden luminous heights to the worlds of ignorance here.

Copies of guarded plans
Acolytes they wait upon the timeless Power,
The cycle of her works investigate;
Passing her fence of wordless privacy
Their mind could penetrate her occult mind
And draw the diagram of her secret thoughts;
They read the codes and ciphers she had sealed,
Copies they made of all her guarded plans,
For every turn of her mysterious course
Assigned a reason and unchanging rule.

Acolytes who assist the high gods in the cosmic affairs, they wait upon the Divine Power to move them and try to follow the cycles of Time through which nature moves. Going beyond the screen of the known and the surface events they could penetrate the hidden secret workings of nature, codifying them in geometrical patterns and magic of sound and word. Thus they hoped to discover the deep designs hidden behind the apparent outer workings and assigned to them a reason and fixity of rule.

Closing Remarks
We are introduced here to beings of the illumined Mind who rank high in thought and vision.

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