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At the Feet of The Mother

The Divine Mother Appears, p. 312

Opening remarks
The Divine Mother now appears on the threshold in response to Aswapati’s aspiration towards terrestrial transformation. What follows in the rest of the Canto is this wonderful vision and adoration of the Divine Mother.

The Presence he yearned for
Even while he stood on being’s naked edge
And all the passion and seeking of his soul
Faced their extinction in some featureless Vast,
The Presence he yearned for suddenly drew close.

It is Her Presence and Power that Aswapati came seeking for earth and men. She appears now to his yogic vision. She emerges out of extinction’s edge where all must be left and dropped off. There he meets Her as if in response to the passionate yearning of his soul. She emerged out of the Ineffable Featureless Vast and drew close to him.

Someone came infinite and absolute
Across the silence of the ultimate Calm,
Out of a marvellous Transcendence’ core,
A body of wonder and translucency
As if a sweet mystic summary of her self
Escaping into the original Bliss
Had come enlarged out of eternity,
Someone came infinite and absolute.

Out of the stillness as if emerging from the core of Transcendence, She came with a body of wonder and translucency. It was as if a form had emerged out of eternity summarizing the sweetness and bliss flowing all around Her. Infinite and absolute She came, the Power, the Truth, the Knowledge, the Bliss Supreme and Absolute.

Nature and world and soul
A being of wisdom, power and delight,
Even as a mother draws her child to her arms,
Took to her breast Nature and world and soul.

A being of wisdom, power and delight She came and took in Her arms and drew to Her heart Nature and world and soul as a mother draws her children to her breast.

Abolishing the signless emptiness
Abolishing the signless emptiness,
Breaking the vacancy and voiceless hush,
Piercing the limitless Unknowable,
Into the liberty of the motionless depths
A beautiful and felicitous lustre stole.

The Void was filled and the emptiness was filled with contents of Truth held within the heart of an infinite Consciousness. The signless emptiness was abolished with Her coming. Breaking the vacant and voiceless hush of the limitless Unknowable She emerged from the motionless depths as a beautiful and felicitous lustre.

The Power, the Light, the Bliss
The Power, the Light, the Bliss no word can speak
Imaged itself in a surprising beam
And built a golden passage to his heart
Touching through him all longing sentient things.

Though the Divine is formless in essence, She assumes a Form for the sake of relating with the world. It is this Divine Form which She projects Herself as a Ray that comes within the range of Aswapati’s vision. Then creating a passage through a mystic Ray She entered through a golden passage into his heart touching now through his body and being the entire creation.

Sweetness of the All-Beautiful
A moment’s sweetness of the All-Beautiful
Cancelled the vanity of the cosmic whirl.

The All-Beautiful and gracious Mother filled that divine moment with Her sweetness and cancelled the sense of vanity of the ever moving cosmos. A sweetness and beauty and wonder and joy filled all creation giving it a new meaning and purpose.

Closing Remarks
The wait on the threshold of the Unknowable is over. Out of That tremendous and absolute Silence there came the absolute Power and Light and Beauty and Bliss wearing the translucent form of the Divine Mother.

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