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At the Feet of The Mother

The Deeper Meaning: “I am in the Photographs”


Mother, what is there in Your photo?

What do you mean?

What does it represent? What is there in Your photos?

Don’t you know what is there? (Mother smiles) It is I who am there. I am myself there in the photo.

But in what form are You there?

In all the forms I am there. It depends on the photograph. It depends on many things, for in each photo I am different. To each individual to whom I give it, it is a different aspect of myself. At each moment I am represented by a different form, a different attitude, and to each one and for each one it is a different thing. It is never the same.

To someone it is the aspect of Kindness, to another, it is another aspect of Calm, of perfect Serenity, of Mercy, of Compassion, of cosmic Truth, of eternal, infinite Consciousness, or else the aspect of Power, of Humility and of divine Sweetness and so on, which is represented in the same photograph.

It varies with each individual, each instant and each attitude, it is something new. It is constantly changing. I am never the same. It depends on the indications and many things. In each photo I am different and to each one I reveal myself in a distinctly different way which is right for him.

Usually in a photo it is one of my infinite states of Consciousness and varied moods of expression caught eternally in a moment — the Universal Mother in Her infinite forms. It is for you to find out which of my aspects predominates in each photo — what strikes you when you see the photo.

You must feel and find it. In each photo it is a different aspect of myself which is revealed. It is an entity that is present. It is not a picture on a piece of paper, but a living Presence, a vibrant Force and an Entity or an Emanation which is projected and which has a power of action and formidable means of execution.

Anyway, it is a part of myself, materialised, concrete, which reveals itself in such a way that the Force can act through the photo itself, because there my Presence is living and a portion of myself is manifested in the photo.

It also depends on the person to whom I give the photo, on what he needs, at what moment, for what reason and why; all this plays a very important part. That is why it is never the same personality or the same aspect which reveals itself. But it depends on many things, according to his state of consciousness, his temperament. In fact, it varies constantly. For you it may be one thing, while for another it may be completely different, although being the same photo. That is how it is. But why do you want to know this?

Because, Mother, the other day when I brought the photos I sent for A’s son, I wanted to know what exactly is there in Your photos.

My child, me, I am there in the photos. Exactly what you see here now: the whole, like this, I am there in the photos. What I am, it is there in the photos. Only, in each photo a different aspect of myself reveals itself. All the same it is I who am there.

It is said, Mother, that it is Your emanations which are in the photos and…

Yes, that is true, it is my emanations that are there.

Not You in Your entirety?

I am present, in my emanations, I am there, like this, the whole… But why do you want to talk about or discuss this subject?… It is not a subject of conversation.

But, Mother, I want to know.

We will see…. Yes, I am present as you see me, in my totality. I am in the photos. Isn’t that enough?

Yes, Mother.

… It is time.

Au revoir, Douce Mère.

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